On my way home from Chicken, I thought it odd that my car would suddenly not go above 50 mph. Then 45. Then 40. Then KAPOOOOOFHISSBIGFATNOTHING, and me trying to navigate the car across 2 lanes of rush hour highway traffic with NO ENGINE AND NO POWER BRAKES.

And THEN! Oh THEN! THEN there was the 10 mile tow home, behind [livejournal.com profile] hdstanley and [livejournal.com profile] marigot's brand new, umpteen thousand dollar Mountaineer. If you have never experienced the unparalled TERROR that is being dragged behind something worth more than your yearly salary by a 10 foot long piece of YELLOW SEAT BELT, when you (did I mention?) HAVE NO POWER BRAKES ANYMORE, well, run right out and try it!

And now my car sits in the driveway, unaware of my quiet loathing. I, on the other hand, am unaware of how much it's going to cost me to FIX it.


This week has just fucking SUCKED, okay?

ETA: Hey, you know what happens when there's no OIL in your car?

In my defense, I'm really not THAT stupid. The light started flashing at me a couple days ago and I planned to go get a couple quarts tomorrow.

This would be the grenade that made the camel explode.
Why would someone steal my soup bowl?!?!?

It's just gone. It has my frigging name on it in Sharpie on the bottom, and it matches the other dishes I use here at work, oh, just about every day. WTF?

Now I can't have my soup! And I'm cranky! And I'll have to get something so I can go eat in the park to console myself!

an_sceal: (Ha fucking ha)
Somehow I just got talked into sending my car payment to my father so HE can buy a car.

I am an idiot of the highest order.

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