This is totally a normal thought process, right?

"Oh, you had something to do, so instead of accepting that my fuckbuddy was out of town, I contacted the Empress, had her grant me diplomat status on a world she doesn't technically govern, and hopped on a 13-hour shuttle flight so I could catch up with you.  But don't worry, it's not serious."

I have to say, I really appreciate the challenge with these two. Two psychics have to WORK at being this oblivious.
Post the first paragraph of any of your works in progress.

From the Gothic- )
From Earth and Water- )
From Triskelle- )
And finally, from the SGA Mechanic AU With No Title- )

That's all I'm actively working on at the moment, though there are a few smaller pieces here and there that I'm editing and poking at as I get the itch. 
There's been some? Who knew?

Should I make any more of these Lucy bags, I will be making the small ball size, not the "throw a small child, a beach umbrella, and a corgi over your shoulder" size. I'm -almost- done with my first ball of Cascade 220.







I think I'll cast on a second "small" project. I love knitting in the round, but after awhile I stop caring about beautiful stitch definition, good tension, and the pretty rows of perfect knit falling away from my needles. After awhile, it's just another round of plum coloured yarn, and my eyes start to cross.

It'll have to be something on straights I think, because gods help me, I miss that wild and wonderful world of purling. "Oh baby, look at me! I'm a rebel! I'm knitting backwards!

Don't mind me. I think the Cascade has driven me a a little mad.

Lucy Bag in progress Lucy Bag in progress

The Lucy Bag after transferring to the circular needles. It is NOT that purple...think magenta. Dark magenta.

Also, I made the stitch marker this weekend, along with a whole bunch more. it was kind of fun to make earrings without having to worry about them matching each other.

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