Dec. 14th, 2009 12:59 am
Dudes, I have a NOVELLA coming out! That will never not be cool.

And now, after warping the loom and spinning some Romney, I'm off to bed!
Turkey sandwiches are AWESOME.

Semagic is less awesome. Ever since I upgraded, I can't connect to the server. So. Old version, here I come.

I bought myself one of those stupid little potholder looms at the craft store today, because I wanted to make some little squares out of little bits of my handspun and sew them into a scarf. It's cool, but I think I need a better loom with less space between the teeth. (It's not a real loom, I'm not calling them reeds.)

Anyone have a Weavette they want to sell me?

In other news, [ profile] marigot just won NanoWriMo, and I couldn't be more proud of her!
So, come April or so, I will be back to working 6 days a week, most likely the 9:30 to 6 shift.  While I'm not exactly looking forward to it, I'm at least trying to prepare for it by setting up a bunch of projects and craftiness that I can just pick up and work on without loads of prep time. 

To that end, in the next little while before the season starts, I'm planning to do the following:

-Finish warping the floor loom.  For those of you who can even remember back that far, this would be the project I started over a year and a half ago (erm...possibly two years...), a ruanna for my Mom.  It may or may not include some of the first spinning I ever did with a purpose, some lovely dove grey Shetland with blue and purple swirled throughout.  I'm still trying to decide, but chances are that I'll wind up using it.  Knowing so much more about using the yarn I am making, I believe it will be best used sparingly as accents in the pattern.  I don't think the yarn is strong enough to hold up as a large part of the weft. 

-Warp and transfer my design to the rigid heddle loom.  I want to do a tapestry with the desert colours I brought back from Arizona, but it may wind up being a more abstract design.  In any case, I need to crawl Ebay soon for some more suitable weaving yarns to supplement my spinning. 

-Cast on my very first real sweater, Wicked!  I'm getting gauge with the yarn I want to use, Malabrigo in Tortuga.  I bought 6 skeins of it at MD Sheep and Wool last year, and I've been saving it for something fabulous.  This is definitely the right pattern for this yarn. 

-Finish cleaning out my closet and send the stuff off to Goodwill- or apparently, as I have just looked at my donation bag, the Lupus Society.  Cool.  Lupus research often yields up treatments for fibromyalgia as well.  Rockin.  Perhaps I will toss the donation envelope into the bag as well as the clothing. 

-Catch up on some of my Netflix queue!  Damn am I behind. 

-Get a new phone from my evil cellular overlord, Verizon. 

-Figure out what, if anything, I want to do for Beltane.  I kind of want to have a party, but considering what a craptacular host I was last time, perhaps that isn't the best of ideas.  Also, by then I'll be working Saturdays, so it might be hard to pull off.

Yikes, it got late.  Off to bed with me!
So earlier today I stopped to visit a woman who had been advertising a warping board for $50.  Awesome price, right? 

I walked away with both of these:

Brand new, in the box, never been used.  Even shopping around, new, this is over $275 worth of equipment, and I got it for $100. 

Now, of course, I can't actually play with it until December, but nevermind that.  It's here, sparking little project ideas in my head whenever I look at it.  And now, back to NaNo!
For those of you who might be interested, this is the tapestry I bought:
The Arming of the Knights - Quest For the Grail )

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