Tom and I were discussing the G.I. Joe movie. He was kind enough to point out that if they set the next one in space, they could call it "Cobra Starship".

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For Tom's going away present, I made him a book and a mix cd. It was my first bookbinding project, but I'll definitely be doing more.

(The rest of the photos can be found here: Goodbye gallery )

The Good:

Burt's Bees Marshmallow Vanishing Cream. OMG, so much love. I tried a little sample a few weeks ago, and fell in love. Found it at the health food store this weekend, and I've used it two mornings in a row. My skin LOVES this stuff. Very light, a lovely scent (natural, not added in just for the sake of being smelly), and my skin feels like silk without being greasy. Huzzah!

Fingerless gloves. Blue and black striped ones, in fact. Enough coverage to keep the paws warm while I'm at my desk, and enough dexterity to type.

TOM! Yes, back by popular demand, [ profile] interminable on his new East coast tour! Check local listings for showtimes near you. (And check with him about what airline he's coming in on so Stanley can pick him up...)

The Bad:

Not getting out of bed until 10 minutes before I'm supposed to leave isn't the best idea I'va had all year, but I was up Too Late again. Ah well.

Staying up Too Late the week before I go on vacation is stupid. It lowers my immune system, and throws my whole body off-kilter. I will need to remedy this.

The Ugly:

Face, less obviously a swirling caldera of disgustingness, but still not happy and not clear. Because I want to go to Paris looking like a teenager. Two thumbs down.

I'm going to blame latent mouse allergies (the only animal at my house at the moment) for my scratchy throat, sniffly nose, and funky throbbing ears. It could TOTALLY be allergies, and thus, I decree that it is, because no WAY would I be cruel enough to myself to get some kind of upper respiratory gunk right before getting on a plane. Because I will NOT BE SICK IN PARIS AGAIN. Are we clear, body? Do we have an understanding? I'll start going to bed at a reasonable hour, and you won't get sick while I'm on vacation and mar my ability to taste things. And breathe. And hear. And not cough every 5 seconds.

Yuletide knitting? What holiday knitting? What? No, nothing to see here people, move along...
"Excellent. I've always wanted to make Lori unirnate."

I have the coolest best friend -ever-.

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