• The interwebs tell me that today is [livejournal.com profile] herefox's birthday!  Hope it's a good one.
  • Bowercon was awesome.  Lots of food, talking, food, talking, talking about food, pretty things to look at, amazing art created by terrific friends, and we've established the programming committee for next time.  And I got to play with [livejournal.com profile] undinesprite's balls.  (I just checked.  That joke is still amusing to me.  SUFFER!)
  • Did I mention that I'm writing an ongoing urban fantasy serial on our writing blog?  Inkling (a Fifteen Minute Fiction serial)  There you go.  It's free, and everything.  Updated regularly.
  • In the next month, I need to do the following:
    • Write a full outline for Memory Keeper
    • Update my pitch to reflect that outline
    • Make sure the first three chapters are as perfect as I can make them
    • Write until my fingers fall off
    • Write some more
    • Finish altering my costume for the Steampunk Ball at Authors After Dark
    • Alter Michelle's dress for the Steampunk Ball at Authors After Dark
    • Figure out what I'm giving my friend for her wedding.  Which takes place the same day as the Steampunk Ball at Authors After Dark.  Which is also the weekend that THREE concerts I want to go to are happening. (The moral of this story is: JFC, August, give it a rest.)
    • Did I mention "write until my eyes bleed and there are no more thoughts in my head"?  Oh, good.
    • Come up with a new title for Memory Keeper.  Note that this item has been appearing in to-do lists for several months now.  So that's going swimmingly.
    • Swim.  Because exercise is good, and the pool is only open until September
    • Figure out how to permanently implant a "Mumford and Sons" album in my eardrums
    • Work on the Kellen Frey prequel story
    • Get my studio cleaned up.  Seriously.  It's going to crawl out the door and eat me.
    • Accept that I will not be doing any craft fairs this year. Because I might be crazy, but I'm not STUPID.
    • Try not to be super upset that our names are STILL (after 3 reminders) spelled wrong on the conference website
    • Curl into a ball and whimper, while still typing with my free hand.
      • Get extra set of hands

And of course, this weekend we're going out of town.  Which will be fun, don't get me wrong, but not exactly helpful in the "get shit done" category.  Except for writing.  3,000 words or bust, right? 

*But only when they occur in textual form.

So, the main goals for tomorrow are:

Pack up the Halloween decorations.
Take, edit, and post pictures of the new fiber and yarn.
Clean the bird cage, aquarium, and turtle filters.
Move the rest of my TBR pile downstairs.
Clean the upstairs bathrooms.
Fold laundry and put it away.
POSSIBLY work for a couple hours entering cash receipts and check register items. *siiiiigh*

And wait with barely concealed impatience for more of [livejournal.com profile] marigot's fantabulous NaNo writing!
Dear Hayfever,

FUCK OFF. I have had it with the intermittently scratchy throat, the dry eyeballs of doom, the ICHTY, WEEPY eyes of doom, the stuffed nose, the cough, the drainage, the not sleeping, the sleeping too much, the headache, the just general Not Right feeling...enough. I've had it.

No Love,

I have also discovered that I now have a massive and unpleasant reaction to my beloved Sudafed non-drying. Took it the day after my birthday, and just completely fell to pieces- I pretty much spent the day either crying or cringing and wanting to avoid all contact with humans. Y'know, when I wasn't having a panic attack.


Today, I'm going to buy site hosting for my domains. I am. And I'm going to set up a fiber weblog on cobwebfiberstudio.com, and look around for shopping cart programs.


(And I'm using Tony {oh baby, let me use you...} because I luff this icon. And because I can.)

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