The studio (two walls of it anyway) is purple. Huzzah! It's actually called "Lazy Sunday", a Behr colour. (Should you, for some reason, want to look it up.) It's only the first coat, but I managed not to fuck it up too badly. (I'm sure [ profile] hdstanley will disagree with me, thus setting off the "She's such a bitch!" rant of the day when I am forced to kill him.) (I am being snarky, and using too many parentheseseses, and I think my blood sugar could use more than the Coke I had for breakfast.)


It's periwinkle-ish. And the only noticeable screw-ups are a couple smudges that I hit the ceiling with, the spots I hit the cabinets when I was edging, and the outlets. The cabinets are no biggie, since we're going to paint over them anyway. The outlets...yes. Well. Understand, I have thoroughly mocked people on HGTV who paint over their outlets. Dumbasses. And yet, confronted with my own, did my steady hand prevail? HELL NO. So being in a purple-y kind of mood, I said to hell with it and just carefully painted over the outlet plates. The outlets themselves remain untouched, but now I have to mock myself. Mockmockmocketymock.

The ceiling...okay, the ceiling, I have no fucking clue how I managed to mess up, because I carefully cut it in yesterday so I WOULDN'T do that. Alas. More mocking.

I'm going to go eat something with protein now, and hope that when [ profile] marigot and [ profile] hdstanley return, they can remember that if they don't have anything nice to say, they should at least go somewhere that I can't hear them before they talk about what a crappy job I've done.

Later, there will be pool! But before then, a second coat...eek.

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