Tuesday, not to be outdone by Monday, decided to begin the hardcore succkage about an hour and a half before it ended. That was when I went downstairs to feed the chinchillas before bed, and discovered all of the girls out frolicking in the basement. When I went to move the cage to ziptie it back together, I saw one of our white girls, Coriander, lying in the corner.

I honestly thought when I picked her up that she was dead. She was utterly limp, a bit cold, and just..lifeless. Then she moved a bit, so I took her upstairs to Michelle and we tried to see what might be wrong. Near as we could tell, she had taken a jump from either the top of the cage or the bookshelf, fallen, and probably broken her back. She wasn't moving her hind legs at all, or her tail, and didn't seem to be in pain.

We rushed her up to the emergency vet in Springfield, who was surprised to see a chinnie. Busy night there- a woman before us had brought in her dog, who I think had just had a stroke, and someone right after us brought in a cat.

As we sat in the exam room with her, Cori seemed to get a little more energetic, moving around a bit in my arms and trying to pull herself along. When we set her on the table, both the vet and I saw her move her back legs, or at least her left one. She went off for x-rays, and nothing was broken- not the leg, the spine, or anything else. The vet said it might have been shock that temporarily paralyzed her, gave her some pain meds, and told us to take her and the films to our regular exotic vet tomorrow. While we waited, we were able to get her to drink some water on her own out of a cup, and she peed and, in typical chinchilla fashion, pooped 3 or 4 times.

The shock seems to have worn off almost completely now, and the dope they gave her seems to have helped her stay calm and not fuss. Michelle and I, despite a midnight run to the vet in our pj's, are just so happy that she didn't have to be put to sleep. We might snap out of OUR shock sometime soon too. It was so heartbreaking to be sitting there holding an animal that you've touched every day since she was born, and worry that there won't be anything you can do to fix things for her.

Now it's 2 in the morning on Wednesday, and we're still down a chinnie (Katchi out in the basement somewhere...), and we both feel so sick with stress that we can't sleep. But Coriander seems to be holding her own, has eaten, had more water, and is settled into a desecrated yarn bin for her hospital room. We'll take her to see Dr. F, the exotics vet, in the morning, just to make sure she hasn't dislocated her hip or something weird. Hell, female chins have 2 uterii, why not some kind of weird ability to recover from paralysis? (Though I really think it more likely that she was just in deep shock.)

So yeah. Tuesday. Fuck you.

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