How could anyone possibly take this broadcast seriously?

In the past 15 minutes, I've seen stories on the following:

(Possibly) Poisoned Terrorist Gumball Machines in New Jersey
How Your iPod Makes You More Likely to Die (Or At Least Be Struck By Lightning)
Majouring in Video Games
Pets For The Cure

I am not watching The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Weekend Update, or some new televised version of The Onion. Nope, I'm watching Fox News.

I know it only gets turned on because it's the only local news playing at 10, but DAMN. You'd be better off just buying a copy of the Enquirer and turning it into a flip book.

As a special bonus, I've also seen the "Tell Your Kids to Wait For Sex Until They're Married" commercial twice now. Gag me.

I'm going to just admit it.

I am not a fast knitter. I'd like to be. My envy of those people who can whip through a sweater in two days, a Booga bag in a's great and powerful. My "new" knitting style seems to be a bit quicker, but even so, I don't see inches and inches of progress when I'm done with a good knitting session. I see careful stitches, lovingly placed, nice, even rows, and something I enjoyed doing, but sometimes I wonder if I see -any- progress.

This is why I'm loving the "cast on 15 projects and pick one up as soon as you sit down" thing I've been doing lately. I don't have to focus overmuch on how slow I'm moving on one project, because I can dive into another and feel like I'm getting somewhere. And when despair overwhelms me and I hold my project aloft and demand of the poor people sitting near me "Does this look any bigger?!", I can quietly drop that project and pick up something else.

Apparently, I'm a polyamorous knitter, and I get off on New Project Energy.

In that spirit, I will now create an LJ community all about how wonderful all my projects are. In three weeks, I'll post again, detailing the snarled yarn, the broken needles...and I'll blame the projects, not the fact that I wasn't paying attention to any of them.

I will learn nothing from the experience, and 6 weeks later, I will begin the cycle anew.

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