So amidst my father moving back to the mainland, and thinking about all the things that I never noticed were that bad when I was a kid, I have been struck by a weird kind of rosy nostalgia.

I miss the sandwiches from the Sure-Save deli in Kaiko'o Mall. They were right across from the pet store where I spent hours and hours wandering the aisles, with the deli facing into the mall and a little turnstile to go through to get into the actual grocery store. Kaiko'o was a pit. Once the Ben Franklin closed and the pet store moved to Prince Kuhio mall (always the far superior of the two, with TWO bookstores.), the only reason we'd ever go to Kaiko'o was to get the sandwiches. You could buy them with foodstamps, through some weird loophole, and they were just about the only prepared food we got. They were a treat, and they were -amazing-. The meat was just stacked on, and the veggies were crisp...

I always got the maple sugar ham, on onion bun, with mayo, deli mustard, sprouts, and tomatoes. They wrapped them up with a pickle spear that was almost the best part of the whole thing, and we 'd go to the park and feed the ducks and eat them.

Sadly, there is no more Sure-Save at Kaiko'o Mall. In fact, it looks like it's now going to be the Hilo Municipal building.

I'm hungry.

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