My company is very small, and rather incestuous. It seems as though nearly every employee has some connection to everyone else, be it family, fuck, or foe. Currently, the service manager's assistant (who is also her daughter...) is feuding with one of the mechanics, who is her ex-fiance and the father of her baby. Every time they have a blow up, K, who is supposed to be acting as the manager while her mom the service manager is on vacation, goes into her office and screams and won't take phone calls. The mechanic, M, has given his notice, so he's been slacking on jobs and not bothering to do things properly, leading to customers calling for the service manager, not being able to speak to K, and getting even more upset.

Grow up. Get the fuck over it. And leave it at HOME.

The longer I am at this job, the further it gets from what I was promised it would be.

Did you know you can work at IKEA for two days a week and still qualify for full benefits?

My other amusement this morning.

Do I feel disgusting for having even been to the website? Yeah, a little (it's totally work-safe.), but then again, I did net myself some fabulous prizes. Because that's what hate groups should be about. Fabulous prizes.

Right. I should finish that minute amount of work I've actually got to do...

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