For those of you who might be interested, this is the tapestry I bought:
The Arming of the Knights - Quest For the Grail )

So yes.

Jan. 3rd, 2006 09:58 pm
18 hours of travel.
Metro (Paris)
Feet (oh gods the feet...I'll tell you stories later...)

We are home safely.  I've missed eleventy-thousand LJ entries, and had a wonderful time. 

Who missed me? 


Jan. 2nd, 2006 01:25 pm
Michelle got her wallet stolen last night. It sucks, but could have been much worse- only two cards gone, and her ID. Both are cancelled now, and I've got enough money for the rest of the trip, so it isn't a big deal. last day of the trip, not the first!

On the other hand, our bank, the Pentagon credit union, didn't have a 24 hour fraud line. WTF? Ah well. All taken care of now, and some French person has some really nice clothes and slept in a $2500 hotel room last night.

And now, off to shop. Now that someone else is done spending our money, we'll try spending some of it!

Bonne Anne!

Jan. 1st, 2006 11:14 pm
I am alive and well in Paris. We are having a fabulous time, taking tons of pictures, and walking the soles off our feet.

-I think I saw Andrew Eldritch in the Metro today. He was playing marrionette karaoke.
-Tom puts up with drunken women very well.
-Michelle has a hat that makes her look like Ron Weasley. It's adorable, and I want to kiss her nose every time I see her in it.
-I am drunk at the moment.
-I miss everyone, but also wish I didn't ever have to come home. I love this city so could walk for days and never see all the strange little corners of it hiding away behind each other.
-The Latin quarter is tacky, which is why we love it.
-I have fallen behind on my gift purchases, but will remedy that tomorrow.
-I threw up on the plane into Iceland. And then I had to walk out of an entire store fill of WOOL.
-I found a tapestry.
-I like making little dashes.
-I really am drunk. And also, about to get laid. Wahooo!

Cheers, everyone!
Have a great week, ladies and gents.  See you after Paris. 
Because you knew I'd find some.

La Droguerie (Link is to someone else's blog, because their site is under construction, and, you guessed it, in French.)- they also sell silk ribbons and buttons and beads, and are a block away from a row of kitchen speciality stores. I think [ profile] marigot, [ profile] interminable, and I will be in heaven.

So...who wants Parisian yarn?

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