-Dear Pete- your teeth are big, but your grin is bigger. Awesome.
-If that idiot flyover thing was the most I'll get to see of Panic, I'm gonna be a little annoyed. Only consolation? They came in a van. I...um...hope it was a nice van? *dies laughing*
-Dear gods, I am vaguely enjoying Christina Aguilera. Someone please send help.
-Who the fucking fuck is Russell Brand, and why am I supposed to care about him?
-I am so old.
-Seriously dude, LAY OFF THE JONAS BROS. CRAP. Not only because it's stupid, but because it ISN'T FUNNY. I think promise rings are honestly pretty stupid, but what the fuck do you want from kids who have no doubt signed deals in blood with Disney to maintain their perfection until they reach their sell-by date? for that matter, while -I- might think it's an unrealistic and limiting choice, IT ISN'T MY CHOICE TO MAKE. It isn't yours either, so for gods sake, STFU.
-Am...am I imagining it, or does Britney Spears look, y'know...sane and clean and kinda *ohgodwhathasHAPPENEDtome?* hot?
-Oh good. Kid Rock. Cause the performances haven't sucked enough. Also, when the BEST part of your song is the part you sampled from Sweet Home Alabama? I think you can see where I'm going with this.
-No, really, I AM SO OLD. All these historic award questions they are flashing by in the corner? I SAW ALL OF THOSE SHOWS. And I'm not talking about on YouTube.
-So. Old.
an_sceal: (My fandom)
What? It's not 3:45. No. You're totally hallucinating that.

Also, if you have any love for insanely funny, SWEET, heartbreaking fic, you should go read this:

Star Shaped by [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane

A sequel/offshoot to something else I haven't read, but you get enough of the backstory, and...OH. OH.

I have no words for how happy it made me.

Or if I did, they were lost somewhere around the 2 am mark, when I first got back up after not sleeping for 3 hours.
I will be over here in the corner, staring despondently at my fiber stash and wondering how many ziplocs I need to invest in. 


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