So I'm maybe, possibly, ever so slightly nervous about my new job. I know I can do it, but it's new, and scary, and what if I say the wrong thing/fall into the ice cream maker/burn my eyes out with the espresso machine? I suppose I'll find out tomorrow.

I refer you, for those interested in what I did with my weekend, to [ profile] debmats's upcoming con report. Balticon. Fun. Con weekends are always mind-altering, surely something to do with sleep deprivation, exposure to shiny things, and the possibility of stumbling over your own tongue as you meet Peter S. Beagle and try to convey to him that his writing makes you believe in the power of words as magic, and that you have never quite recovered the piece of your heart that you lost to a unicorn who knows regret. Without sounding like a creepy fangirl stalker. Thank you to [ profile] debmats and [ profile] pezazul for wonderful companionship.

I got [ profile] vixyish's new album, Thirteen, and it is fully made of wonder. Again, there is a slightly larger space in my chest, where a little part of my heart has been spun out into the black to follow her voice.

I want to paint. Of all the crazy artistic projects I have waiting in the wings, it's possibly the one furthest from anything I'd been considering doing, but I want to paint, and paint something that means something to me, which I haven't done in years.

Life is full of change, and ice cream and coffee and words that fill up the hollow places, and music that rings inside you and saves your life, and friends to share it all with.

And it's good.

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