This is amazing.  Simply stunning.

An original picture book about New Orleans.  Wordless and perfect.

As you can tell, I'm having a hard time even finding the right words to tell you about it.  Check it out.
I decided this morning that to balance out everything, I'm going to try and find one good story a day to share. I'm not the positive thought police, and I don't believe for a -second- that the events surrounding Katrina have been handled correctly, or should be shoved aside in favour of another round of presidential smirks. On a personal level though, I find myself giving up when I can't see the good in anything anymore. When the -only- images I'm presented with are of that smirking monkey and his cronies sweeping things under the rug, I only see everything wrong with the way we treat each other, and frankly, that isn't the place where my energy comes from.

It comes from the good that people can do. It comes from the people who forget about who is rich, or who is poor, and just ask "who needs help?". When I can remind myself of what we can do when we take a moment to be decent to each other, it helps me turn my anger into something useful. I hope that a little good news helps everyone else take a breath and recharge themselves too.

Katrina evacuees find calm in Arkansas

New Orleans dogs go west


Brown resigns from FEMA This is good in some ways- he was a ridiculous candidate for the position to begin with- and terrible in others- he's now the sacrificial lamb, and I worry that this will be the only head you see roll over all of this. And I don't really believe he lied on his resume- I think that it was probably decided that it would never matter that he wasn't qualified, and only now, when they need someone to take the fall, is anyone really jumping on his past experience.
Today, I told myself, today I will not read any Katrina-related news, because I am just about the closest to true depression that I have been in years.

Except I can't turn it off, and even though it takes effort and energy that I really don't know how to sustain, I am SO ANGRY about everything that is being done to our fellow citizens.

Reading this, I guess it's only a faint hope that the numbers stuck to the sides of the bunks won't be tatooed on the "refugee's" arms.

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