I think I stand some small chance of actually catching up at work one of these days. Amazing, I know. I've been working 10 hour days, but...oh well. At least it's getting done, I'm getting paid for it, and I leave for vacation tomorrow.

I feel as though I should have some kind of response to the whole Orson Scott Card kerfluffle in me, but honestly, I don't. He's a bigotted ass. Nothing anyone says is going to change that he thinks gay people are sick, that he thinks abortion and homosexuality are (apparently? Logic, what?) the same thing, and I don't honestly see where spending a lot of energy being upset and ranting about him is going to do anything positive. I've long since stopped reading his books, and I'll never give him another dime of my money, but beyond that...? What exactly is your average angry blogger to do, that doesn't just put more hate into the world?

Yeah, I've written and deleted two tries at something now, so clearly it isn't ready to be nattered about. Suffice it to say that I was really thrown and pretty hurt by something I read on a friend's journal the other day, something that I know was not directed at me in any way shape or form, except...I am that. It hurt to see myself lumped into a crowd that I don't honestly believe I'm a part of, to see my relationships instantly dismissed and diminished, even though, again, it was not directed at me personally. I know very well that said friend had no intention of doing so, and was in fact just noodling something out for themselves, but for whatever reason, it's gotten under my skin and won't let me go just yet. I can't decide it it's making me prickly because I didn't expect to hear it from a friend, or because it reminds me that I should be on guard against public opinion, or simply because it's made it through my protective little bubble of friendly folk and smacked me in the face with the fact that the outside world does not, in fact, welcome deviation. (And yes, person in question, I know you will read this, and I trust that you will understand that this is me thinking out loud, not me missing the entire point of what you were saying.)

I give up. I'm off to bed. Tomorrow it's back to forcing the gay agenda on an unsuspecting America and advocating for legalized abortion into the 27th trimester. Busy day.

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