I have this stuff in my house, and I would like it to find a decent home.

Asus eeePC 900- This is an older netbook, running XP. I've upgraded the RAM to a 2 gig chip. It would probably be faster running Ubuntu, but the bottom line it that it's a 16 gig solid state drive, and anything you run is going to be slower. However- it's great for writing, when you just want something small to take with you, or when you just want to read your email or do some web browsing. It's a netbook, it's not a laptop. Runs OpenOffice without hiccups, never installed Word because I didn't have the space.

Make me an offer. I'm willing to accept goods or services, but only for things I actually need or want. I paid $300+, I'd like at least $100, but everything is negotiable.
tech specs under here )

Next item. Do you like downloading tv? Do you miss watching it on something larger than a computer screen? I have an answer for you! I have a combo- 100 gig external drive, and a player that it slots into, so you can play shows, movies, or music, slideshows... whatever, through your tv. It's a dual device that includes the drive slot and a DVD player, and while both work, the DVD player has been flaky lately. Since I have another device that plays files, all I was using it for was the DVD player, and having to restart my movies every 5 minutes was pissing me off. Every once in a blue moon, the drive player will freeze, but it's generally only for a second, and a quick pause/play clears it up. Sometimes the sound will get out of synch, depending on the quality of the file. Again, a stop/start generally clears it up.

Make me an offer. I'd like to get $50 for these, but as always, talk to me and offer me what you're willing to pay. Goods and services acceptable, as above.

If you purchase either of these, I will box and ship them within 48 hours, Priority mail or UPS, depending on what's cheaper.

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