Weight and Motion by [livejournal.com profile] sevenfists
Firefly/Supernatural crossover
slash, Dean/Mal


When I first heard the words "Firefly/Supernatural crossover", I was not filled with a great sense of glee.  I just didn't think it could be done that well. 

Hooray for being wrong!  This story rocks!  I wish I had written this story.  I wish there was a whole RAFT of these stories.  I wish it wasn't over now.  I wish it hadn't left me feeling so bad for Dean, and bad for Mal, and bad for them both together, even while I was happy.  It's a terrible twist of emotion.  Zoe is also quite bitchin, as are Kaylee, River, Jayne, and Simon. 

Go and give this author love!
St. Peter's Bones by [livejournal.com profile] peripheralsight

This is just a really GOOD story. A selkie, some angst, some survivor guilt, and the business of getting on with life.
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The One Where John and Rodney Aren't Gay (Really) by Davechicken

I enjoyed this for the snickers it caused and the sex scene, which was somehow more interesting to me than anything more intense would have been.
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Brian Kinney Saves the Universe
by Valerie Lewis

This is the best episode of QaF that was never written. I laughed all the way through it, from the opening lines:

One morning as they were eating breakfast Brian set down the newspaper he was reading and said, "I should be a senator."

Justin didn’t look up from his Frosted Mini-Wheats. "I thought you weren’t going to do acid anymore."

to the end. I felt a little cheated that they never filmed it, actually.

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What You Need by [livejournal.com profile] violaswamp
A House/Veronica Mars crossover.

Short, amusing character sketch based on the terrifying thought of House being someone's guardian. -Logan's- guardian. And wonder of wonders from me, it's PG rated gen.

Go ahead. You know you want to.
Queen of England by Pru
Kitchen Confidential
Jack/Steve slash

Cameron looks at them for a good thirty seconds before he says hopefully.

"You know, I've always wondered about this, you two are very close. Is there any chance that by getting you hugely blotto that you'll make out and let me take pictures? Because I have to say, the aesthetics there are just deeelish."

"Nobody is interrupting my special time with Jane," Steven says firmly.

"Steven's so fucking heterosexual he has to take a break every now and then," Jack snaps, and slaps Steven's stupid, venison-fucking hands off of his shoulders. "Go away."

Delightful, silly, and dear gods...I hope Anthony Bourdain forgives us all.

But then again, he IS a man who'll put -anything- in his mouth.
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About a Dog by Speranza
due South - F/K - NC-17

Somehow I'd managed to miss this story before. That makes me sad, because I could have spent so much time giggling over it before now! Imagine Dief as a human.


Imagine it involves a witch's curse.


Imagine it's REALLY freaking good.

Well. You don't really have to. Speranza wrote it, and all of her stuff is really, really good.

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