Those of you who have read "Fin de Siecle", my story from Sindustry, I have a favour to ask.

Were there any questions you had about the characters, or even the story itself? As part of a promotional thing, Dreamspinner (the publisher) is going to start posing quick questions about their stories on Twitter. Things like, "who is more stubborn, Jean or Gabriel?" and the like.

Got anything you want answered? Drop it in a comment here!
Dreamspinner Press, publisher of the anthology that includes my latest work, is having two great promotions this month!

All Anthologies 25% off!

* Applies to every anthology - ebooks and paperbacks - in your cart. All your favorite authors.
* No coupon necessary. Discount will be applied automatically at checkout.
* Shop more than once. The discount will be applied all month.

Might I suggest a copy of "Sindustry: Vol. 1"? My own story aside, the rest of the anthology is really good, with strong stories throughout. Particular favourites are [ profile] lenorejblack's "Fun and Games", and [ profile] jl_merrow's "As Beauty Does".

And HEY! Enter to win a free iPod Touch, just by purchasing said anthology!

Win a New Apple iTouch. Add the free Stanza eBook reader and take your library to the beach!

* For every $10 you spend before 11:59 p.m. on Aug. 31 EST, you will receive one entry into the drawing.

It's all going down (heheheh...) over at Dreamspinner Press, so check it out!

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