Okay. I am going to do this right this time.

The first 5 people to leave a comment here will receive something handmade by me. The catch is that you have to post the same offer in your journal. I won't promise to knit you a sweater, or weave you a bolt of cloth, but I WILL make you something with my own two hands, and you WILL receive it in the year 2009.


Apr. 9th, 2007 07:34 pm
Dude.  This is so cool! 

"Welcome to ArtScouts, the club and site for grown-up artists and crafters who want to expand their skills, play with new things, and earn fun buttons in the process! It's updated every other week with two to three new activity sections and downloadable journals (for recordkeeping and extra prompts) for you to try. You can also join the artscouts "officially", and get a member button that nobody but ArtScouts can get!"

I'm going to complete the knitting one first, but I think I really want to do more of them.  It's a neat way to challenge yourself to learn something new.
Part of what struck me about [livejournal.com profile] irenejericho's post yesterday was this:
And maybe as I've grown older, I've also come to understand the need for new beginnings--the need to put a final period on that last sentence and turn the page to start a new chapter. 

As she pointed out, you can do that at New Year's, or you could do it October 31st, or March 18th. Every single day is the start of another year, another cycle in some way.

Brighid has always been the face of the Goddess that I identified most strongly with. Some say she's a Maiden, fresh and devoted utterly to her craft with all the budding passion of a young woman. Others say she's the Mother, which I can see on the days that writing feels as impossible and painful as giving birth. She's fire and spirit, impetuous and daring to step out into the not-quite-Spring. For some of us, her laughter is enough to tempt us out, and we find ourselves following her footsteps as she leads us down the path to our own creativity. Those moments where we catch up to her are amazing, full of intense devotion to our art, rich words, bright colour, beautiful sounds. Even when she is out of sight though, there is something to be seen on the way, some hint of her voice to urge us on, some impression of her passing as we explore.

I always offer her chocolate on my altar.

Whatever your art is, I hope you have the luxury of taking a moment to embrace it. I hope you can take the time to indulge yourself with the feel of cloth or yarn becoming something else under your hands, or beads being woven into jewelry that will catch the light just so. That you can sing and dance and drive a little of the winter grey back from your hearth, or let words, unwritten or already set to ink, tempt you into exploring a new path.

My creative goals for the coming months:

-Continue working on the Marton and Janska story.
-Pick and answer a New Year's Resolution challenge.
-Learn to relax my spinning posture, and spin loftier yarns.
-Begin selling my handpainted yarns and fiber online.
-Learn to cable.
-Knit my first sweater.
-Sell a short story to someone.
-Take up my paintbrush again, with watercolours and acrylics.

Feel free to shares yours, if you'd like. Either way, have a happy Brighid's Day!

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