So, I may or may not have mentioned that The Collective is going on vacation to Seattle. We'll be there from 6/28-7/8. Those of you who live in the area, if you'd like to get together for coffee or lunch or whatever, I would love to coordinate something with you!

I'm also looking for your recommendations on places to eat, cool things to see, great book and/or music stores... basically anything that you think is totally awesome about Seattle. Day trips are cool, outdoorsy stuff would make Stanley and Tom happy. I want to dig up a geoduck clam. *grin*

So, drop a comment here, if you'd like to share, or email me- reesah @ gmail

West Coast, how I have missed you!
This weekend has just been -awesome-.  Some of the happiest, most wonderfully simple days I've ever enjoyed. 

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

So yeah, really, nothing big or terribly exciting, but a long stretch with my best friend and his truly awesome girlfriend, and a whole weekend with my family.  Life is good.
Feel free to share your thoughts.  Anonymous comments are on for the moment. 

Registry stuff.  Again, I think, but I'm too lazy to look in my archives. )
"Excellent. I've always wanted to make Lori unirnate."

I have the coolest best friend -ever-.
-Broke two fingernails at the gas station this morning. I'm not one for long fingernails, but these were exactly how I wanted them- tiny little crescents of white, not past the end of my finger, but still long enough to scritch along someone's skin. (This is important. Trust me.) BAH.

-My new pills shake like little rattles. They must have tiny little grains of medicine inside the gels, because they make this fascinating little swishing sound when I pick them up. But the cool part is? They make it when I swallow them! I can hear the little swishing sound in my throat as it goes down. This amuses me ever single morning.

-Yes, I am a dork. No, the pills are not for that.

-I had a wonderful dinner with my pook last night, but DAMN Georgetown is cold and windy. Also, LUSH closes early. As in, they must have locked the doors about 5 minutes before we got there at 7:30. Suck. I still haven't managed to get to one.

-I forgot to mention that yesterday was my anniversary! So much time, and she still tolerates me. That's love, people. I'm a pain in the ass! We went to Cafe La Ruche in Georgetown, and had mussels and soup and fabulous bread, and then we froze our butts off looking for LUSH and La Madeleine. But we walked down the street holding hands and made gushy faces during dessert, and I got to spend three hours with nothing to do but appreciate the amazing, beautiful, creative, funny, and sexy woman that I've gotten to make a life with. Nothing could make that any less wonderful, not even parallel parking an Explorer in Georgetown.

-Got to talk to Tammy last night! Yay for warm weather! Enjoy your trip!

-Today is GoF day!

Someone I used to work with just emailed me to catch up and asked me how the love-rhombus was.
It's official!  We signed (okay, Stanley and Michelle signed) the contract and gave the guy a check today. 

WE'RE GETTING THE ADDITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Invitations to the housewarming will follow!

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