Before I buy from BPAL (I love their stuff, I hate their site and their interminable wait times), does anyone have bottle or partial bottles of the following two scents that they would like to trade or sell?

Eat Me

Drop me a comment if you do! My swap list isn't up to date on LJ, but I'll pull it together tonight.
I think my eyes have finally uncrossed after looking at our absolutely terrible, totally non-intuitive wireless billing software. Holy CRAP. Nothing like having the manual open in front of the page, following the steps laid out to the letter, and STILL not having it work right.

Today's BPAL is Desire: The overwhelming agony of passion crystallized into a singularly dark and magnetic blend: bittersweet neroli, black patchouli and black musk, gilded by apple, bergamot, blood red rose, teak, and vanilla. As it's dried and mellowed, I absolutely love it, but I'm not gonna lie. When I put it on first thing this morning, all I could smell was some combination of panang curry and tom kha gai! There is no coconut and no peanut in this blend. People report a strong sweet citrus, like lemon drops, but all I got was Thai food. It cracked me up.

I used my lace flyer for the first time last night. WOW. How have I never used that before? I am getting SO MUCH YARDAGE out of my fiber! It's amazing. I bought a pack of top at Sheep and Wool that has some amazing colour changes, so I am spinning it from light to dark, and then I think I want to knit a shawl that highlights the changes. In the meantime, I have like, 3.5 more ounces to spin.

And I seriously, seriously want this: a cup-holder for my spinning wheel!
Dear [ profile] pirate_nami,

I hate you, just a little.

*adds approximately umpteengoogle BPAL scents to her wishlist*


Yours In Defeat,

Good gods, how does anyone ever keep up with all the BPAL stuff that gets put out? I can't even keep track of ONE review community and the occasional foray out to try and purchase something that sounds interesting!

On that note, I'd really, really like to buy a bottle of Hecate, and an imp (or bottle, if it's what someone has) of The Masque. I know Hecate is readily available on the BPAL site, but frankly, I'm really, really tired of paying and waiting 2 or 3 weeks to see my stuff. I'd rather buy something off a friend or FoaF, and know it'll get here quickly.

ETA: Apparently I'm wrong, and Hecate was a limited edition. And that SUCKS, because while I love Blood Kiss and Lust, I have never found a more intriguing scent on my skin. I am going to guard my little imp with my life.

I wish I had luck recreating scents.

I have imps of the following scents in my trade box at the moment. If you would like to trade or buy, drop me a comment.

The Imp List )
BPAL - Jezebel

The official description: A gloriously decadent blend of honey, roses, orange blossom and sandalwood.

In the bottle: Floral movie theatre popcorn. Seriously. Machine urine with overlay of your dead Aunt Phyllis.

On, wet: FloralfloralFLORAL, with notes of headache.

On, dry: Floral powder, to such an extreme that people on the other side of the room could smell it on me, and it made me so jumpy that I had to go scrub it off. It took three washings. It made me antsy, nervous, and my head began screaming "get it off, get it off, GETITOFF!" about halfway to work. I couldn't smell the honey at all, and though it was floral, it didn't smell like roses OR orange blossom. I wear orange blossom perfume all the time, and this wasn't even the least bit like it. The sandalwood was utterly lost in the powder and gag-me strong floral.

Anyone want this imp? I won't even try it a second time. It was terrible on me.
My little package of imps from [ profile] pirate_nami arrived today!  (And the soap smells SO yummy!  Thanks Jen!)

Since I managed to spill a drop or two of Blood Kiss on myself while I was opening the little bottle, guess what I tried first? 

When it went on, it smelled almost dusty to me.  In fact, it really reminded me of the Maryland Ren Faire after a rainstorm- kind of wet mulch mixed with spices.  Yeah.  I'm going to suck at these, I can tell.  *grin* 

Dry, I LOVE the way this smells on me.  There's a tiny hint of powder, but the woodsy smell is AWESOME.  It makes me think of the best circles I've ever cast, and walking in the woods.  It's very energizing.

ETA: Zoe approves. I held my wrist up for her to sniff and she started licking it. You just can't trust that cat around anything scented. Yesterday she tried to eat my deodorant.

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