I am going to share with you now one of my very biggest pet peeves. 

"Cutesy" site navigation on fanfic archives.  Particularly challenge archives.  While I think it's lovely that you've based your challenge on the colours of the rainbow/tarot cards/Austrian drinking games, I do wish that you would notice that the people who you want to READ these wonderful stories can't even figure out which ones are going to appeal to them, because you've given them no flipping summary. 

SERIOUSLY.  Be cute, be themed, be whatever, but BE USEFUL AND EASY TO NAVIGATE. 

Thank you. 


In other news, I catalogued my Basket'O'Shame last night, and there were projects in there that I didn't even remember.  Whoops.  And of course, the ones I'd be most inclined to frog are all mohair projects, and they regard my petty attempts to unravel them with scorn.  I have been told that I might be able to talk them into it by freezing them, so we'll give that a whirl.

My reward, both for dealing with the Basket'O'Shame and for getting a stellar performance review, is going to be knitting this sweater:

In a rather terrifying move, I've ordered some undyed cashmere yarn from Colourmart, and I'm going to dye it up in my Grackle colourway to use for the sweater:

Things are going.  Many good things loom on the horizon for me.  Publication on Monday(!!!!!!!!!!!!), BowerCon DC in June, Indy trip in June, Sheep and Wool in May (anyone interested in attending, I have a spare guest room and a large vehicle available), and this weekend, carpet in the basement and another attempt to wrestle my library into submission.  And gardening!  And biking! 

Life is pretty damn good.
I am so freaking tired. I think my grand total on the bike this weekend was about 2.5 miles, and yet, I kind of want to have been asleep for the last 4 hours or so. Instead, we watched some tv, and I cooked shrimp in garlic butter, with sauteed oyster mushrooms and snowpeas for a side.

I love my bike. My butt is sore. Thankfully, these two things are related.

Editing two pieces, writing a third, and waiting excitedly for our first edits from the Editor.

This has been one of the most amazing weeks of my life.
I got my bike today! It's a thing of beauty!

Used the bike computer on my iPhone, which tells me that I went one full mile! Hooray! I am totally out of shape, so basically any exercise is a win in my book. I love my bike! It's so comfy to ride, and soon it will have a ridiculous wicker basket and a bell and possibly tassels, because that's how I roll, yo.

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