A hacker claims to have been responsible, but it's already been debunked. In fact, Amazon laid claim to the problem themselves in this article.

And I'm sure a lot of you got the same letter, but this is a copy of the letter I received from Amazon:
Cut because most people probably got the same letter.  )
Amazon is now saying that this is all the fault of a "glitch". And while at the beginning of this I would have been happy to accept that explanation, I have to wonder how long they are going to claim this glitch has been happening- because by some reports, it's been going on for a couple months, little by little.
I really hope, as someone else mentioned, that Amazon bought some kind of third party software to handle some new search implementation, and this is a result of them turning it on without testing it properly or something. (Don't they have QA for that? Apparently not.)

On the other hand, it's the internet, and the internet is good for nothing if not getting your panties in a wad, so if you really want to, you can read the snippy letter I sent them, outlining how much I spend with them every month, and how much I WON'T be spending with them every month until this is cleared up and apologized for.

Dear Amazon, )

I certainly hope that it's a matter of poor implementation, rather than outright fuckmuppetry.


Apr. 12th, 2009 02:29 pm
I am really, really disappointed in Amazon's shenanigans. I've been a long time Amazon shopper and I've always liked the way Jeff Bezos tackles things, but I'm saddened and angry with the apparent suppression of GLBT fiction and non-fiction, in the name of a supposedly "family friendly" website. It's crap. If Laurell K. Hamilton's books can show up on the bestseller list, how is that somehow more family friendly than a gay romance, or a book to help questioning young adults?

http://community.livejournal.com/meta_writer/11369.html>Link at MetaWriter
AmazonFail on twitter

You can call Amazon and (politely) voice your displeasure with this new policy - 206-266-1000

You can sign a petition to ask Amazon why this new policy is mainly being applied to LGBT themed books, many of which are not at all sexually explicit, here.

One of the saddest personal points of this, to me, is that as a new writer (and more on that later), one of the things I was MOST looking forward to was seeing a book I was a part of on Amazon. It would appear, at least based on recent actions, that they don't actually want me there.

I hate being disillusioned on a Sunday.

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