Some Stories I am Not Writing:

1. The Psych fic where Shawn is adopted, and his biological parents are Yin and Yang. (Please note: this is my pet theory for the season 5 finale. I'm pretty sure I'm wrong, but I don't care.)
2. The White Collar fic where El isn't magically understanding, but wants the OT3 to succeed anyway. I want to see her wooed. She's a woman who deserves wooing.
3. The Peripheral People side story about the school shuttle pilot who flies Wens and Gavin home every weekend, and the things that happen over the years when you spend an afternoon with a psychic every week.
4. The Sherlock fic where Sherlock finds himself buying milk, and it isn't a metaphor, but it is a mark of how much John has warped his priorities.

Of course, I'm also not sleeping, and apparently not editing chapter four of The Slipstream Con, so the "not writing" status is subject to change.
I recently read an amazing story. It was a White Collar/Sherlock (BBC 2010) crossover by [ profile] copperbadge, called Paper Chase. It's brilliant. Gen for the most part, clever beyond belief, and just FUN. I wish all stories were this story. Part of the plot involves Neal Caffrey doing some paintings for a show:

The FBI set them up with a studio wired to the teeth with surveillance, and Neal managed to bang out fifteen convincingly pretentious canvases over the course of two days, while Peter strongarmed a gallery into a fake opening for Sherlock's new alias, a visiting artist from London with a penchant for wildly surreal and expressionist landscapes.

"What do you think, Doc?" Neal asked, when the joint taskforce working on the case came in to view the studio and he found John Watson standing in front of one painting, looking perplexed.

"This is London," John answered, forehead wrinkling, eyes taking it in with confusion.

Neal crossed his arms. "How do you know?"

"I don't know." John tilted his head. "That's what's bothering me. There's not a single thing I recognise, it's just streaks and swirls and things, but it's the skyline east from somewhere near Hyde Park, isn't it?"

So, that intrigued me. And THEN I read the DVD commentary [ profile] copperbadge posted, where he and his beta readers talked about the style he'd actually envisioned for the paintings:

...a visiting artist from London with a penchant for wildly surreal and expressionist landscapes.
Dove: Which, of course, I now want to see. Make me fifteen landscapes a la Caffrey, Sam!
Sam: I picture them as sort of Matisse and Jackson Pollock having a brutal slapfight.

That's when I knew that I had to try, even though there was no way I could possibly manage something like that. And thus, I give you my first ever fanart- Paper Chase, or, Matisse and Jackson Pollock Having a Brutal Slapfight:

Paper Chase 2

This is the most fun I have EVER had painting, and I fully intend to dishonour some more landscapes this way. It's loads of fun, and I recommend it! (And the story, which is THE BEST STORY EVER.) The moral of the story is, no matter who wins the slapfight, if you leave the painting to me, art as a whole is the loser.

That is all.

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