So, I moved into my new office at work. Prepare for the picspam!


More pictures here. )
My advice?

When the boss calls you at 7:05 and says "Can you run into the office and send me the presentation I'm supposed to be giving?", just go back to bed. Pretend you didn't hear him. You will avoid rushing to the office with unbrushed hair and teeth, sending him the presentation, and then getting a call 20 minutes later, directly after you arrive home again, saying that it hasn't showed up. You will avoid returning, and seeing that apparently, even though it took ages to SEND- long enough that you went to the bathroom, which, hi, you hadn't gotten to do yet- it only took a few seconds to download again.

So yes. I sent it, and Outlook immediately checked mail before I could close it. And since I was only looking in the Sent Items folder, I never noticed that it had been downloaded again.

Jesus. Do you think I can convince him to use Dropbox?

I also slipped on the front steps, I'm out of coffee, and my lunchbox contains a grapefruit, because I was going to pack something this morning. I'm in jeans and a t-shirt, with a sweater over top, I forgot my coat, and I still haven't brushed my hair. My allergy pills are sitting, untouched, next to my bed. And bonus, Boss and Boss2 are not answering the cell phone. I ASSUME they got it. But then, I assumed that before, too.

As a preview of today, yesterday, I wrote 400-ish words on my phone, saved them twice, and found that they were not reflected in the google doc, and not saved on my phone either.


Fuck this shit. I'm going to brush my hair and go to Starbucks.

Well then.

Jan. 19th, 2011 09:35 am
I am still alive. Go me! I got sick a couple weeks ago, it turned into bronchitis, and then I missed a few days of work and gave myself anxiety nightmares about how they were going to fire me, and my old boss hated me, and nobody would ever hire me again.

So THAT was fun.

Dad is scheduled for surgery this week, and then the tumor goes to the pathologist. Sending good vibes his way.

Gram is breathing easier for the time being, though still on oxygen. She gets tired easily, and runs out of breath fast, so I call every day for a few minutes and check in. That reminds me, it's time to send some new flowers. The hospice chaplain talked her into having a celebration of her life, rather than a memorial service, so last Saturday all of her friends and all my family got together and had a little goodbye party in her honour. I couldn't attend- for one thing, it was a day's notice, for another, I was sick, and I feel like we spent our time together when I was there in November. My Gram has always inspired me, and I'm going to miss her so much, but we're square. The leavetaking isn't as important to either of us as the time we've spent together, and as much as I wish I could fly out and keep her here just because I want her to stay, I know that's not going to work.

I came back to veritable mountains of work, and I should be doing it now, but then I remembered that I have an LJ.

I know I have missed a lot of things going on with other folks, and I'm sorry about that. All I can plead is a lack of spoons.

I haven't sent thank you notes for my gifts this year. I suck. Let this serve as a placeholder- THANK YOU! OMG, you guys, you spoil me utterly. It may be tacky, but I think I'm going to send ecards, because it's about the amount of energy I can devote at the moment. I am truly appreciative of the presents, and as always- mine are going to be late. I have them! They are wrapped! I just haven't SENT them.

I still feel like 2011 is trying to steamroll me.
So yeah.

I got a new job today. It's a good, good job. It's, if I were dreaming of an admin job, pretty much the perfect scenario for it.

I think I'm kind of in shock. Hell, I KNOW I am. This job fell into my lap, it's TEN MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE, and it pays WELL.

I'm pretty damn pleased, I've gotta say. I will miss my work buddy a lot, but we are being firm with ourselves- we WILL keep in touch, and we WILL Do Things Outside Work. Turns out, I see my other work buddy more since she left, so I have high hopes for this working out.

This is the most disjointed entry ever. I just don't know what to DO with all the goodness that has been happening to me lately.
So I'm sitting at lunch a little while ago, and I've got my ipod on, I've got writing in front of me...I'm clearly not paying attention to anything but what I'm doing. And this random reporter (name redacted) comes over and SLAMS the new issue of The Atlantic down on the table in front of me. Cover story is an Andrew Sullivan article on torture. And he starts talking to me, and then waits while I turn off my ipod, so he can rant at me about how "you liberals are fixated on torture. It doesn't actually matter how hard we kick the shit out of some jihadist." And he looks at me like I'm supposed to engage him in this conversation.

I had to seriously think to myself, "How can I respond to this and NOT get fired?" I settled on, "Well, I haven't read the article yet, N."

So he goes off again about how the liberals just need to get over their need to humanize everyone.


I don't even KNOW.

I just said, "Oh. Okay. Well, I'll read the article and see how I feel about that."

Yes. Us fucking liberals and our need to see people as HUMANS.

What the ACTUAL FUCK????
I think my eyes have finally uncrossed after looking at our absolutely terrible, totally non-intuitive wireless billing software. Holy CRAP. Nothing like having the manual open in front of the page, following the steps laid out to the letter, and STILL not having it work right.

Today's BPAL is Desire: The overwhelming agony of passion crystallized into a singularly dark and magnetic blend: bittersweet neroli, black patchouli and black musk, gilded by apple, bergamot, blood red rose, teak, and vanilla. As it's dried and mellowed, I absolutely love it, but I'm not gonna lie. When I put it on first thing this morning, all I could smell was some combination of panang curry and tom kha gai! There is no coconut and no peanut in this blend. People report a strong sweet citrus, like lemon drops, but all I got was Thai food. It cracked me up.

I used my lace flyer for the first time last night. WOW. How have I never used that before? I am getting SO MUCH YARDAGE out of my fiber! It's amazing. I bought a pack of top at Sheep and Wool that has some amazing colour changes, so I am spinning it from light to dark, and then I think I want to knit a shawl that highlights the changes. In the meantime, I have like, 3.5 more ounces to spin.

And I seriously, seriously want this: a cup-holder for my spinning wheel!
Wheeeeeeeeeeee! New fridge! Now we have two, so we can lay in enough DP for Debbie. *grin*

Today I:

Painted a wall in an elementary school
Painted a mural in an elementary school
Re-painted a mural someone ELSE painted in an elementary school
Turned over the dirt all around the edge of the deck for my garden.
Planted 75% of my garden

Notice how "finished my story" isn't on there?

AUUUUUGH! *goes back to work*
Sweet fucking Brighid, work needs to END NOW.

And Blackberries are still Evil. (Evil is their one and only name.)
Also, relating entirely to work, I HATE BLACKBERRIES. (The electronic device, not the fruit, which is one of my favourites.) HATE THEM. They are so damn fiddly, and they never work properly, and they are CLEARLY created by some minion of an unpleasant god.
It was so gorgeous outside that the walk to Safeway (aside: TEENIEST SAFEWAY EVAR!) was enough to actually make me a little warm! On the one hand, not so sure about Spring being here this early, on the other SO NICE OUT.

I forgot my lunch at home, and wound up with a sandwich and a bell pepper. It was on sale, and it was YUMMY.

Knit on The Second Sock for a little while, chilled to some music in the common room, and took a lovely break from work, which isn't bad at all.

Came back to my desk just in time to be reminded that

And now, back to writing.


Feb. 5th, 2009 12:07 am
My tv picture is eerily green, I can't keep up with anythingLJ, I finished my first sock ever and it's BEEEYOOOOTIFUL! (like [ profile] marigot), I feel like there are a millions things that are possible, and I should be doing all of them at once or I might miss something, I like my new job, I'm pretty sure I have become the most random person I know, and I think I have probably been annoying the crap out of the poor people I usually bug when I'm online.

Also, hello.

And now goodbye, because it's late, and I have to be up super early so I can make it into DC by 9.

Apropos of nothing, I want a 3 or 7 speed Electra Townie, in blue. And I need to return my library books.


Feb. 3rd, 2009 09:06 am

I am going to be late on my second day. BRILLIANT.

Cheapskate Restaurant
Dude Who Doesn't Pay and Has Screaming Hissy Fits at Me When I Tell Him He Can't Order Anymore

Dear Dude,

Thank you for your previous meager payments. We have applied all $0.50 worth of them to your severely delinquent account. Attached is an updated statement highlighted in bright fucking red that reflects your current astronomical account balance.

We understand that you are a wussy little primadonna everyone is facing financial difficulties at the moment even though you still seem to have a packed house every night, and we truly no, really, honest appreciate being able to send you these stupid letters every month your continued diligence Ahahahahahahahahahahaha in paying off this balance so that I can actually get paid, and possibly put my hypothetical grandchildren through college by living off the interest.

Fuck youSincerely,

Reesa H
The Belly-Up Cow
My bootstraps are very frayed. I don't know that they're going to handle another tug.

This is me, Not Putting The Thought Out There.

If people wanted to think happy thoughts about the success of a small gourmet ice cream business though, that'd be keen.

The trouble with being really good at your job is that people expect you to be really good at your job no matter what they throw at you, and how it interferes with the rest of what you need to get done.

BAH, I say.

But, I have the latest Temeraire novel from the library, and two new Julie Heard books. Hooray for sweet Napoleonic dragoney goodness!

Alsoalso? Witness my INSANE amounts of restraint as I do NOT verbally bitchslap my 19 year old co-irker as he holds forth with his loud opinion that Iraq is not really a country, and that nobody in the world defends freedom of speech as well as the Republican party.

I. Um. I'll be over here.

ETA: And the hits just keep on coming, folks! I think this is going to have to be like the time I got into an argument about human rights with someone at a party. For the sake of continued co-existence, I am not going to be speaking to this boy about anything that doesn't directly relate to ice cream.
Duuuuuude. I appear to be posting from work. How'd that happen?

I got a new filing cabinet today. My work day thus far has consisted of me pulling things out of the old one, saying things like, "Why the fuck is the lease in the file for the gummi bear vendor?" and "Do we REALLY need -4- files for this bank account, especially since none of them actually have the right paperwork in them?"

However! I am here to discuss, not my adventures in filing, but my upcoming Halloween plans. I'm going to do a haunted yard this year. I've always wanted to do a ridiculously decorated house for Halloween, and I find myself in possession of a fog machine, strobe lights, and dry ice from work. Also, foam to carve headstones out of, and dancing witches to hang from the tree. I want to sit down and draw up a plan for where I want everything, and then get started on the headstones this weekend. Spraypaint! Yaaaaay!


I am still behind by a million comments, but I am reading them, and your journals. Vacation was awesome, and I will have pictures of all the animals I saw, including the roseate spoonbill(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
I sound like I'm coughing SAND.

It's the weirdest thing I've ever heard in my own head.

Back at work today, despite feeling like death warmed over. Should probably call the doctor and see if they want me, as I suspect this cough is less of a cough and more of a case of bronchitis.

Hate everything. Film at 11.
Dear women,

Please, can we all just realize that another woman having some power DOESN'T MEAN SHE IS TAKING YOURS?!?!?

My company is very small, and rather incestuous. It seems as though nearly every employee has some connection to everyone else, be it family, fuck, or foe. Currently, the service manager's assistant (who is also her daughter...) is feuding with one of the mechanics, who is her ex-fiance and the father of her baby. Every time they have a blow up, K, who is supposed to be acting as the manager while her mom the service manager is on vacation, goes into her office and screams and won't take phone calls. The mechanic, M, has given his notice, so he's been slacking on jobs and not bothering to do things properly, leading to customers calling for the service manager, not being able to speak to K, and getting even more upset.

Grow up. Get the fuck over it. And leave it at HOME.

The longer I am at this job, the further it gets from what I was promised it would be.

Did you know you can work at IKEA for two days a week and still qualify for full benefits?


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