Patrick Stump's voice is filling my ears again, and I am so, so happy!
Bandom will mess with your head, man.
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I laughed so hard my boss came to check on me.  I was not expecting that. 

Tom and I were discussing the G.I. Joe movie. He was kind enough to point out that if they set the next one in space, they could call it "Cobra Starship".

If I were an MCR space pirates AU, where Gerard and Co. rescue a traumatized Frank from a dying spaceship, WHERE WOULD I BE?

I had it bookmarked. But...um...apparently not where I can FIND it.
Dear Gerard Way,

Please come have my babies now.  Kthxbi.  

I'm Not Signing My Name In Case You Google Yourself Or Something.
I'd like to thank you, bandom, because now I all see here is Mikey Way.

(Originally from Fuck You, Penguin.)
I take it all back. Panic at the Disco and Snoop Dogg doing Gin and Juice. That just redeemed at LEAST 3 years of MTV for me.

Oh dear gods. I catch one episode of FNMTV ever, and it's freaking Metro Station?

Ugh. Cannot deal with Trace Cyrus and his way too serious songs about underage sex!

Well. At least their drummer is hot.

ETA: No, I forgot, I saw another episode. With Katy Perry. And I know someone has a chat log proving that I said I liked her song a little? But I retract that opinion. She has NO VOICE. How do you get a recording contract as a singer with NO VOICE?

Wait. I'm watching MTV. I'm sure I'll have plenty of study material on this subject in a few minutes.

Thank you.

Dec. 20th, 2008 10:27 am
Dear Brain,

I take back most of what I said about you recently. The Frank Iero Sex Dream project that you seem to have embarked upon lately is clearly a masterpiece. Keep up the good work!
So, I downloaded the leak of the new Fall Out Boy album, and all I can really say without listening to it a million more times is that it rocks, and has made me a very happy girl today.

Of course, I already pre-ordered one of the ridiculous mega packs, with the CD and all the rest of the stuff, and another copy of the CD for someone for Christmas.

Dear Pete- you are getting your money from me. Mowgli will not run out of Pampers. Let's hope those aren't as leaky as your new album.
I think it probably says something about me that my big "Woohoo! House to myself!" night involves a 27 lb. ball of wool, and an iPod on shuffle.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go make little fluffy balls of wool out of the big fluffy ball, and try to wrap my head around the idea of Gerard Way being responsible for the creation of another human being. One of these things will end well, and I'll leave you to guess which one.
I am fascinated by urban/created/chosen family structures. For me, it's very applicable- my blood relatives are few, and I am not close to anyone outside my immediate family, but I have a huge, sprawling network of people I consider family that stretches across the country, or in some cases, around the globe. These are people who know me better than the family that raised me, who I can talk to about nearly anything, who (I believe) love me, would shelter me in a storm- the people who get me, and about whom I feel the same way. The internet keeps us all in contact in various ways, with blogs, LJ, Facebook, Twitter, and if something happens to one of us, you can see it ripple out through the whole extended family. Like any family, the joys and the pain are shared and felt in some way by all.

I like seeing that this phenomenon isn't unique (I didn't really think it was, but I love new examples.), and watching it happen for other people too. Which is why I'm kind of enchanted by the response from the various people that surround Pete Wentz (for those of you who have missed my endless babbling, the bassist/lyricist from Fall Out Boy, also founder of his own record label and clothing line) to the birth of he and wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's baby. It seems that (not unsurprisingly, as most of them are around the same age as me or younger) all of these people have blogs, Twitter, Facebook, what have you, and so through this whole community of artists and rock stars, everyone is sharing in that joy, expressing love and support for the baby and parents. I'm sure it's not a new thing, these extended families of unrelated people that are being built, but maybe it's more readily acknowledged, or just easier to see, now that parts of our lives are conducted online and shared with others, curious about the days of people we've never met.

Whatever the reason is, it means that the world gets to see things like this, Travis McCoy, artist, hip hop/rock star, bad-ass New York dude, out of his mind excited about buying baby shoes and matching bibs.

And I just think, with all the stupid ways we alienate ourselves from others, that it's amazing and special to see how the families we make pull together for us. It's something worth celebrating.


Sep. 8th, 2008 07:56 am
How can I not have a tiny little crush on this teeny little man?

As far as 'famous' people go, who's the biggest douche you've ever met?
asked by Pansy_Face on September 7, 2008

According to online polls, it would all break down to idea of whether i could meet myself.
answered by pete on September 8, 2008

-Dear Pete- your teeth are big, but your grin is bigger. Awesome.
-If that idiot flyover thing was the most I'll get to see of Panic, I'm gonna be a little annoyed. Only consolation? They came in a van. I...um...hope it was a nice van? *dies laughing*
-Dear gods, I am vaguely enjoying Christina Aguilera. Someone please send help.
-Who the fucking fuck is Russell Brand, and why am I supposed to care about him?
-I am so old.
-Seriously dude, LAY OFF THE JONAS BROS. CRAP. Not only because it's stupid, but because it ISN'T FUNNY. I think promise rings are honestly pretty stupid, but what the fuck do you want from kids who have no doubt signed deals in blood with Disney to maintain their perfection until they reach their sell-by date? for that matter, while -I- might think it's an unrealistic and limiting choice, IT ISN'T MY CHOICE TO MAKE. It isn't yours either, so for gods sake, STFU.
-Am...am I imagining it, or does Britney Spears look, y'know...sane and clean and kinda *ohgodwhathasHAPPENEDtome?* hot?
-Oh good. Kid Rock. Cause the performances haven't sucked enough. Also, when the BEST part of your song is the part you sampled from Sweet Home Alabama? I think you can see where I'm going with this.
-No, really, I AM SO OLD. All these historic award questions they are flashing by in the corner? I SAW ALL OF THOSE SHOWS. And I'm not talking about on YouTube.
-So. Old.

After working my way through the maze all morning, I finally got here.

*does the happy dance*

ETA: Ahahahaha...what a few days has shown...

Whatever. Nov. 4th isn't that much further away than Oct. 14th anyway.

There was a tiny coffin waiting for me when I got home.

A day before official release, too. Go USPS!

  • I must get a better chair. This one is KILLING my back. The desk is a little too low, the chair is a hard wooden kitchen chair, and IT DOES NOT ROLL. I require rolliness.

  • Between the steroids and the antibiotics, I am getting up to pee every 15-20 minutes. Ugh. NOT ON.

  • I want to be Greta Salpeter when I grow up. She is smart, talented, and also, HOT LIKE BURNING. Observe:

Hi, apparently I'm doing a Greta picspam? A small one, anyway. )

So yeah. Apparently, it boils down to "She wears awesome wrap dresses, and has a pretty voice, and her hair looks great." There is something very, very attractive about her confidence though.
This video makes me imagine Gerard as a high school band director. "No, I said MARCH, people! Put some enthusiasm into it, left those legs higher!" *snerk* And Bob would have to be the drum majour, of course, and...

I think I worked in a high school for too long.

Also, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, July 1st! Although I guess the shipping on my little coffin will take a couple days.
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What? It's not 3:45. No. You're totally hallucinating that.

Also, if you have any love for insanely funny, SWEET, heartbreaking fic, you should go read this:

Star Shaped by [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane

A sequel/offshoot to something else I haven't read, but you get enough of the backstory, and...OH. OH.

I have no words for how happy it made me.

Or if I did, they were lost somewhere around the 2 am mark, when I first got back up after not sleeping for 3 hours.


May. 1st, 2008 09:35 pm
Bronchitis, passing on the edge of another bout of pneumonia. Steroids (really, REALLY a lot of steroids...*blink*), antibiotics, Mucinex D, pain reliever, and rest. Except I have to go to work tomorrow.

And I won't even MENTION that Saturday is MD Sheep and Wool. No I will not. Because then I will cry like a little bitch, as I most certainly did not do when the doctor told me I might need to see a respiratory therapist which would make you ALL SAD.

Wool is my fandom, baby.

On the other hand, sometimes My Chemical Romance is also my fandom. Or at least the version off them created by [livejournal.com profile] bexless to make me giggle and laugh and snort when I cannot even breathe, and then cough until my lungs fall out. WHICH IS OKAY BECAUSE I WAS NOT, APPARENTLY, USING THEM ANYWAY. (DIMINISHED LUNG CAPACITY FTW!)

Anyway. Wasn't I going on about MCR? I think I was.

Here. Enjoy. I will be over here wishing my parents hadn't smoked around me for 20 years. Thanks, guys.

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