...wait.  That doesn't sound right. 

This weekend I:

-Went to an awesome nursery, Great Big Greenhouse in Richmond.
-Bought a sweater in a size smaller than I've been wearing
-Fit into my "skinny jeans"  (Nevermind that they are not skinny at all.)
-Planted more herbs and flowers
-Bought a new (to me) car

It's a 2006 Hyundai Tucson, 22k miles, and it's BLUE and GORGEOUS, and I sit way up high, and when I step on the gas it MOVES, and I LOVE IT.  And I can't believe I'm an SUV owner.  I promise not to start driving like one.  

He needs a name.  There is no small part of me that wants to call it Castiel.  I think I might need help. 

Clapotis is making me feel quite clever indeed. I've reached the magical "drop your stitches" bit, and it's a little intoxicating to let one of them loose on purpose, and watch it work all the way down the fabirc.

Dyed a little more, and gorged myself at the Mongolian buffet in Williamsburg. We went across the river on the ferry for no good reason, drove a few miles out into deepest, darkest Suffolk Co., and then turned around and came back across. It was pointless, fun, and pretty much free, as long as you don't count the gas it took to drive onto the ferry.

I am behind on my writing, but still getting it done, and only have a week left of Tom's visit, so I will probably be rather scarce. Expect pictures of some variety soon. I haven't totally abandoned the idea of Tell Me Tuesdays, but I definitely want to get some pictures in the bag before I try again, or I'll just forget.

My closet is cleaned out even MORE, rearranged, and the will of the people has spoken- I have caved and bought hanging cubbies, and folded all my t-shirts.

I have a fucking LOT of t-shirts. (Though fewer now than I did when I started.)

The never-ending and ever-growing stack of papers next to my chaise lounge is cleaned up and mostly sorted. There is still yarn everywhere. There is still roving everywhere. There are boxes and bags of trash, that would be much more convenient to get rid of if I could just drop them out the window, rather than drag them down three flights of stairs and out to the curb.

OOOooOOooO! Dude, I CAN drop them out my window, if I just wheel the dumpster up to the front walk! <--my lazy, let me show you it.

Found the pattern for the first sweater I was working on!!!!! Yayness! Now I can actually FINISH it at some point! It was super simple- basically just a bunch of neatly decreased scarves sewn into a figure eight. I have some beautiful Mountain Mohair from Green Mountain Spinnery, in this amazing blue that words and pictures cannot do justice.

I haven't written a word of fiction all weekend, nor have I spun anything. But my closet is clean, and I march forward in the great decuttering of '08, so it's not a total loss.

And that's about it. Tomorrow, I get an [livejournal.com profile] interminable, for three weeks! *bounce* I can't wait!
Slept like SHIT last night. For some reason (yeah, gee, I wonder why?) I dreamt all night that I was Dean, and I had pneumonia. My chest was so heavy, so full, I couldn't get a breath. And I'd wake up, and prop myself between pillows, and even took a hit off the old inhaler, and I'd go back to sleep and dream the same damn thing all over again.

So today, to quote Spirit of the West lyrics, you'll have to excuse me, I'm not at my best. I'm feeling like that last cup of coffee- a little cold, a bit stale, a weird sort of skim on top, and a bit gritty around the edges.

On happier notes!

-[livejournal.com profile] marigot came home yesterday from Faire with a -beautiful- bowed psaltery. It's really stunning, and we're all picking it up rather quickly.
-[livejournal.com profile] interminable and [livejournal.com profile] mala_idea came over for dinner and hanging out last night. We had Korean BBQ short ribs, which turned out exactly like the ones I remembered from Verna's in Keaau. I'm loving the new GrandeMart up the street.
-Got a bunch of stuff unpacked, moved the bookshelf, moved the washstand into the hallway, and am generally pleased with the amount of work I managed to actually get done in one day of weekend.
-I really think we're going to have everything done before the party, and I am looking forward to it a lot.

In moderate news:
-I'm going to devise a budget for myself for next year. My plan is to have a significant amount of savings by January of 08, and be generally debt-free. I am comfortable with my lifestyle now, but I want something concrete that I can plan against for vacations and big purchases.
-I really don't know how to make new friends very well.
-My aquarium had better not be as cloudy as it was this morning by the time I get home, or I shall have to lay a smackdown upon it.

My head feels unfinished today.
This weekend has just been -awesome-.  Some of the happiest, most wonderfully simple days I've ever enjoyed. 

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

So yeah, really, nothing big or terribly exciting, but a long stretch with my best friend and his truly awesome girlfriend, and a whole weekend with my family.  Life is good.
-Dye Day. No, really. My new dyes came in, and I want to get rolling on some of the yarn I've got ideas for.
-Meet with the contractor Saturday morning for the plans. Finally. Geez. And our kitchen design does NOT look like the bridge of the Enterprise!
-Pack a box. Any box.
-Trader Joe's run.
-Start wrapping things and getting boxes that have to be mailed together.
I have no idea where I am or what I'm doing. Vague impressions of "work" come to mind for both, and yet...

My weekend, in list form.

-Bain Mattox
-Too much sleep
-forgot a pill
-Knit lace for the first time (at the Bain Mattox concert, in fact.)
-half-assed helping with cleaning Tom's eventual room out
-Love, Actually

I don't even know what else. That isn't bad, really, but it was just a mellow weekend full of a lot of nothing.

Tomorrow, I'll post pictures of our $40,000 ditch. I only wish I were joking.
Saturday in Williamsburg was fun. Found a couple of gifts, including a print from a local artist for my Gram when she moves into her new apartment next month. And shoes! New shoes! New boots! I love them. They are so comfy and a pretty, warm brandy sort of colour. The pair of Clarks I got I think I'm going to have to return and exchange for a wider pair. They fit okay when I tried them on at first, but when I put them on yesterday my feet had apparently returned to their normal swelled up size, and they were a bit pinchy. For $50, they're going to fit right.

Yesterday was the Knit-Out, and it was fun! The fashion show was cute, and some of the stuff was very, very pretty. The vendor tent was kind of neat, and I even refrained from making any comments about some of the Paton's yarn that reminded me of snarled cat vomit. (To be fair, there was also some that was quite pretty.) Sadly, pretty much all the yarn tables were very muc of the squeaky acrylic variety. I don't mind acrylic, but squeaky, or the kind that makes my fingers feel dry and rub against each other funny, is right out.

The very, very best part of the whole event, and probably the whole weekend, was that [livejournal.com profile] marigot was suckered lured in by the siren song of yarn, and took the free learn to knit kit and instructional session! It turned out that the woman teaching her was someone I knew from the yarn store near my house, and she was extremely adept at helping the previously reluctant pre-knitter in my life (everyone is a pre-knitter until proven otherwise) to learn the basic knit stitch. What was funny was that she was teaching her an entirely different way to do it that I'd ever tried, so I learned something new too! (European vs. Continental) It turned out that her way of doing it combined in a weird mishmash with my way of doing it is faster for me than either of them, so now I'm knitting in an entirely different manner than I have for the past year. The stitches just fly!

Anyway, back to my booboo. She did two or three rows on the yarn and needles they gave her, and then got to take the needles home. I honestly figured that she'd decide not to continue, but no, off we went to AC Moore for SEX, where she bought some Lion Suede, a big ball of Jiffy in a -beautiful- colourway, and when she wasn't look, where I bought a hank of alpaca in the most amazing deep turquoise and cream for her. She's working up a scarf in the Jiffy right now, because she has this silly idea that you can RUIN yarn, and she worked on a couple inches of it last night.

That's right. My baby's got STASH. I am so excited that there will be another knitter around! (And yes...this excitement even extends to sharing my yarn. That's love, man.

So. New shoes, new yarn, new knitter...it was a great weekend!
Hi there.

Yes, I am alive, and no, my arm has not fallen off. I'm thinking good thoughts for the people in the path of the hurricane.

I may be scarce for a few days. I need to get a fic written like WHOA, and the original thingy needs to happen too.

In the meantime, I've gotten about 6 inches up on the Lucy bag, and I'm about 10 rows away from finishing my wrap. Perhaps there will be pictures.

According to the doctor, I may have done something to my trapezoidal (eh?) muscle, leading to the arm/neck pain. I've got an order for a spinal x-ray, and another for physical therapy once they figure out if I've done something worse like slipped a disk in my back. (I doubt that.) In the meantime, there isn't much that can be done for it, especially since the Aleve isn't working.

The weekend included peach picking, peach cobbler (a natural progression, I think), knitting, The Brothers Grimm, and shopping. I got a cashmere cardigan for a song, which makes me very, very happy. I also finished reading Storm Front by Jim Butcher (wasn't bad, wasn't wowed, but I'll pick up the second), and The Mutt: How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself by Rodney Mullen. He has an interesting story, though it jumped around a lot for my tastes. And wow...the things people to do fuck with their kids are just sad sometimes. In the end, he seemed like someone I'd want to know. Not that I'm in danger of making friends with famous skaters who have hot wives, but still...

Tonight it's off to the gym (ouchie!), then peach pancakes and bacon for dinner, followed by a date with a vat of scarlet dye and a pound of silk.

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