That is all.
So I've now seen the first half of my first episode of Merlin.


There's an alarming amount of stretch velvet.
Wow, Legend of the Seeker is pretty tragically awful. WOWHOMGBAD.

Thank god I never liked Terry Goodkind to begin with. I don't have to feel loyal to the books or anything.
I take it all back. Panic at the Disco and Snoop Dogg doing Gin and Juice. That just redeemed at LEAST 3 years of MTV for me.

Oh dear gods. I catch one episode of FNMTV ever, and it's freaking Metro Station?

Ugh. Cannot deal with Trace Cyrus and his way too serious songs about underage sex!

Well. At least their drummer is hot.

ETA: No, I forgot, I saw another episode. With Katy Perry. And I know someone has a chat log proving that I said I liked her song a little? But I retract that opinion. She has NO VOICE. How do you get a recording contract as a singer with NO VOICE?

Wait. I'm watching MTV. I'm sure I'll have plenty of study material on this subject in a few minutes.
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That big boom you just heard? That was the sound of [ profile] marigot having a fangasm because Starsky is on Criminal Minds.

Along Alexander. In a white Col. Sanders/Tom Wolfe suit. Okaaaaaay.
Did I mention SPOILERS? )

With Eliza Dushku!

Read about "Dollhouse" here.
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Oh SGA. You make me so...ambivalent.

I don't like it when my tv shows make me go <i>meh</i>. )
Dear Blood Ties,

Please to be making with more of the Henry tied to a St. Andrews Cross and struggling manfully.  With his mouth open.


Yeah.  Um.  Never mind me. 


Also, some conciliatory sex between Mike and Henry couldn't hurt.  Yes, yes, OOCblahblahcakes.  I care not for your petty details of characterization.  Just sayin'.  Yum.
1- The annoying Dad on The War At Home knew the word "polyamorous".
2- I was actually watching The War At Home.

I'm terrified that the writers of Fox have learned a new word. 


Sep. 26th, 2006 12:03 am
Heroes made me quite happy.  I will watch again next week, and probably add it to the TiVo lineup.  Hooray for what looks to be decent tv!

Re:  CSI

Sep. 22nd, 2005 09:43 pm
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I think I need to throw up now.
Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations will be new on October 10. The Paris episode will be playing on October 3.

If you are a fan of travel shows, food shows, or sarcastic but unjaded memoirs, check this show out. I haven't seen an episode yet that didn't have me laughing, and even in the more remote locations, I've always thought "Wow, that would be so cool." He really doesn't hold back on his enjoyment of anything, which I find refreshing and fun to watch. (Also, you haven't lived till you've seen a skinny white guy from Jersey doing a pole dance with a Communist Party official while drunk off his ass in Vietnam. Honest.) It airs Monday nights on the Travel Channel.

([ profile] interminable, if you haven't seen this yet, download it. You will -love- it.)

Also, while we're on the subject, yes, I like Kitchen Confidential. Loved it, in fact.

Fox will now proceed to cancel it, I'm sure.

ETA: I felt inspired. Cheers to the new icon.
Damn skippy it is! Tonight it'll be rum and cokes, a snuggle with the sweetie, and angsty boys living in the poolhouse.

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