Dear Reviewers of the World,

I know it's puzzling that three adults can have a romantic subplot without having crazy monkey sex every other page. I get that this is not the norm, and indeed, most books that feature a menage relationship are, in fact, erotica.

That doesn't mean that all of them are. Really. Honest. And you're doing readers a disservice by billing every book that features a non-monogamous relationship as erotica, as well as kind of screwing the book itself, because oddly enough, most people who buy a book because it's supposed to be erotica are expecting, you know, SEX SCENES.


I apologize if you follow me elsewhere and you've already seen this, but it kind of bears repeating.

Romantic Times gave The Slipstream Con a 4 star review. Our book. A book with my name on the cover. Reviewed in a national magazine.

"Lies, deception and betrayal are watchwords in this intricate Ylendrian Empire tale. No one can be trusted and even the good guys have secrets."

You can skip this part if you don't want to see my general thoughts on why the erotica label bothers me on this review. )

I have a few little stars in my eyes at the moment, so excuse me. FOUR STARS IN ROMANTIC TIMES!!!!
So, it looks like we're having an actual book launch for the paperback at Balticon. Like real authors and stuff.

Pretty sure I've mentioned at least once or twice that Michelle and I wrote another book. Today is the release day, so without further ado, I'll share the cover, blurb, and the first chapter.

It’s finally here! Our new book, The Slipstream Con, releases today, and we’re excited to be able to share an excerpt with you.

You can read the full first chapter, or purchase the book, by clicking on the cover below.

The Slipstream Con - Available now from Samhain Publishing!


Is love the biggest con of them all?

A Ylendrian Empire story.

For three years, Kellen Frey has led bounty hunters Tal and Vanya on a merry chase, evading capture with flair and style. Now, just when they finally have their pet project—and object of their mutual fantasies—cornered, the elusive con artist turns the tables and gives himself up. A sudden attack of conscience, perhaps? Tal and Vanya know better.

Their suspicions are confirmed when a crime lord comes dangerously close to killing them all, and the rapidly sickening thief is forced to confess the truth—he’s been accidentally dosed with a highly illegal form of nanotechnology.

If Kellen can’t get his hands on another dose, he’s finished. The problem is, the only thief who’s ever broken in to Slipstream Labs is his ex-girlfriend, and she’s allergic to bounty hunters. As he does his best to play both sides, he struggles with his growing desire to be more than a prisoner to Tal and Vanya. Without trust, they won’t survive long. The clock is ticking as they race to uncover a conspiracy that spans the Ylendrian Empire.

Product Warnings
This book contains an anti-hero with no qualms about redecorating your spaceship, a heroine capable of killing you with her hair stick, and another hero who would like nothing more than to shag them both without the inconvenience of a conscience.

Read the first chapter under the cut. )
We just got the new cover art for our next book, The Slipstream Con.  It is, to say the least, REALLY FREAKING AWESOME.

The Slipstream Con by S. Reesa Herberth and Michelle Moore

I'm kind of in love with it.  No, I'm REALLY in love with it.

Kanaxa has outdone herself on this one, presenting us with Kellen, Tal, and Vanya in a way that's nothing short of arresting.  And speaking of arresting, Vanya's gun isn't just for show.  She and Tal are going to be thankful they're armed by the time they capture Kellen and figure out how to save him (and themselves!) from the crime lord who wants his stolen nanotechnology back.  Did we mention that the nanotech is illegal?  And that Kellen might not be able give it back?

Yeah.  Vanya's pretty happy about that gun.

The book comes out in April, but I think until then, I'm just going to be staring at the cover!
You know what's pretty freaking awesome?

Selling a second book.
Well, holy crap.

84,686 words later, our accidentally-not-short space opera con-man caper is FINISHED.

I need a drink. And an editor.
Dudes, we are less than a chapter away from finishing our second novel.


We're slow readers.
How did I manage to get through the rest of the week and not mention the fabulous time that [ profile] undinesprite and I had while she was here? I don't even know! The Thai food was disappointing, considering how good it usually is, but the conversations on Monday and Wednesday were wonderful, and I was so happy to get the chance to hang out with her again!

I am running low on patience and spoons. Michelle's family is going through something rough right now, and that's eating up a lot of worry. The world at large is a puzzling, hurtful place, and I'm so fucking sick of TALKING about it, and feeling utterly powerless and overwhelmed. It's not that I don't have the intellectual capacity for social debate, it's that I lack the emotional distance, or barring that, the emotional STAMINA.

I think I finally understand what the HELL my main character is doing, and can proceed accordingly. Well, I understand what ONE of them is doing. The other two are easier to follow along with, since they don't feel the compulsive need to lie when the truth would fit better. I got to share writing I'm proud of with my best friend, which I haven't done in... lots of years, anyway. So that was cool.

Supernatural continues to try and break my fucking heart every week. Glee continues to be a shiny ball of crack, now available in office-ready travel packs! (We had an office Glee and Pizza party on Wednesday. It was the Power of Madonna, people! It compelled us!) Psych is easily the most ridiculous show I've ever seen, and I love every stupid second of it. Only two and a half more seasons before we're caught up! Waaaah!

That's about it. Oh wait, I got a promotion! And a raise! Yay!

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