So, My Chemical Romance quietly announced they were breaking up last night. As bands do, y'know? As a fan, you always hope that the next thing is coming, but if they think they've reached the end of the line, that's their choice.

I didn't realize how much this band had taught me- what they created, HOW they created, how they almost always portrayed the kind of huge emotion I was afraid to admit feeling, and made it understandable and okay to explore. This band gave me a world I'll be proud of creating until the day I die, even if I'm the only one who ever sees it. And their music, their genuine enthusiasm, gave me the permission I needed to find beauty and hope in the world I live my life in. To not be ashamed of WANTING to find something better, and to never give up until I used my energy to make it happen.

What more can you ask of a band, really?
I just wanted to say, I have the kindest, most generous friends in the whole world.

You all made me feel VERY spoiled, and very loved this holiday season, not to mention year round.

Individual thank you cards are being mailed, but i wanted to make sure that you all knew how wonderful you are, and how much I appreciate your kind words, gifts, and support.
Many thanks to the kind (anonymous?) soul who subscribed me to the new series of Umbrella Academy! I assume this is a birthday gift??? Thanks again, oh anonymous benefactor!

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