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I'm totally adopting this as my new fanfic disclaimer.

"If I owned them, they'd be gay by now."


Oct. 5th, 2009 10:57 am
Seriously debating registering for Con.txt. Anyone else interested/going?
So I was reading some Sports Night fic, which I haven't done in ages. And it was cute, though not really grabbing me, and well-written, though not breathtakingly fabulous.

And then, two minutes after throwing up twice, Dan starts making out with Casey.

That's my personal definition of "Ew", right there. I did not finish the story.
Weight and Motion by [ profile] sevenfists
Firefly/Supernatural crossover
slash, Dean/Mal


When I first heard the words "Firefly/Supernatural crossover", I was not filled with a great sense of glee.  I just didn't think it could be done that well. 

Hooray for being wrong!  This story rocks!  I wish I had written this story.  I wish there was a whole RAFT of these stories.  I wish it wasn't over now.  I wish it hadn't left me feeling so bad for Dean, and bad for Mal, and bad for them both together, even while I was happy.  It's a terrible twist of emotion.  Zoe is also quite bitchin, as are Kaylee, River, Jayne, and Simon. 

Go and give this author love!
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I don't think I've mentioned yet, but I am trying to keep track of all the fanfic I read in a year.  I've always kind of wanted to do that, just see how much it is.  I know it's quite a lot, but I've never had an exact number, and I was curious. 

To that end, I finally joined the trend and got an account there.  All of my reading so far this year is tagged with "2007".  We'll see at the end of the year how it all goes. Not all of it is good, some of it is amazing, some of it is just something I couldn't stop reading for whatever reason. The things I really loved have small summaries.
St. Peter's Bones by [ profile] peripheralsight

This is just a really GOOD story. A selkie, some angst, some survivor guilt, and the business of getting on with life.
[ profile] threegoldfish spread the wrongness to me, and now, I bring it to you.

Title: A Really Big Favor
Author: Talia
Pairing: Ned Flanders/the Marquis de Carabas

It' Neverwhere/Simpsons crossover. I I don't even know -what- I am.
Title: Haunted
Author: an_sceal
Challenge: Non-song Songfic, 90 minutes
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All characters owned by J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. This is a not-for-profit fan created work.
A/N: This is another fic in the same universe as A Grave Matter, and Dirty. I've had it in my WIP file for over a year (or is that over two years? Good gods.) and when this challenge came up I had a lyric stuck in my head. I finished it in about 20 minutes once I got started, and I don't think I spent more than 90 minutes of actual writing time on it. Here's hoping that counts.

Haunted )

I finished another H/D fic.

It wasn't the one I needed to write.

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Some Strange Prophecy by Speranza
Fraser/RayK, amongst others.

Somehow I'd never read this before. It's -awesome-. It's an AU, covering some of the events of the last season of dS, but mostly a road trip/finding your feet/moving on take. Fraser and Ray travel to Atlanta to identify Victoria, and then it just gets WEIRD. But good weird.

Oh yes. I'll be fine." Fraser stared down at his laced fingers. "It's just--" Fraser paused to lick his lips. "Nerves."

"Nerves?" Ray asked, surprised. "I didn't think you had nerves."

Frase didn't look up, but his lips twitched. "Well, you would be wrong, Ray."

"You know," Ray said after a moment, "I think I find that weirdly reassuring. It brings out your human side."

"I like to keep my human side wrapped in plastic for special occasions."

"You're full of crap."

"When did you figure that out?"

"I dunno. Somewhere in Alabama, I think."
Queen of England by Pru
Kitchen Confidential
Jack/Steve slash

Cameron looks at them for a good thirty seconds before he says hopefully.

"You know, I've always wondered about this, you two are very close. Is there any chance that by getting you hugely blotto that you'll make out and let me take pictures? Because I have to say, the aesthetics there are just deeelish."

"Nobody is interrupting my special time with Jane," Steven says firmly.

"Steven's so fucking heterosexual he has to take a break every now and then," Jack snaps, and slaps Steven's stupid, venison-fucking hands off of his shoulders. "Go away."

Delightful, silly, and dear gods...I hope Anthony Bourdain forgives us all.

But then again, he IS a man who'll put -anything- in his mouth.
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We Regret to Inform You
by Reesa
Fandom:  Harry Potter
Rating:  PG?  Vague mentions of sex, and swearing. 
Disclaimer:  I don't own them.
Notes:  No real spoilers for HBP.  I dreamed this whole story, which I'd like to think is the reason for some of the more absurd moments.  Feedback is welcomed.  Massive thanks (seriously, I owe you guys candy. Or sex. Or possibly something knitted.) to my fabulously fabulous beta readers (and cheerleaders) [ profile] kissingchaos9, [ profile] beingothrwrldly.

We Regret to Inform You )

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