I am having a very "shut up shut up shut UP!" day.  And I would really prefer it if I could go to bed and sleep like...till Thursday.  Dear gods, I hope work is quiet today.

Who gave me mono?  I hate you bastards. 
I am thinking of writing a song about my cat, called "I Only Love You For Your Thumbs: or, Ode To A Greenies Package".

Feeling a lot better today. Only a little dizzy. I am drinking gallons of water to make up for all that I have lost. (Okay, glasses, but still.)

Tomorrow, I'm going to try and accomplish the modest list of things I wanted to do on Monday, before the Death Flu felled me. I'm pleased that I've only spent a quarter of the day asleep today. Tomorrow, I have -goals-. Small ones. I'd hate to break something.

Also, watch for incoming comments from the wayback machine. I always MEAN to answer them, I just get distracted.
I have been sick as a dog since yesterday morning. All of yesterday was spent either throwing up, wishing I was throwing up, sleeping, or crying for a merciful death.

Today I am not puking, but everything else is pretty much the same. I am sore, and exhausted. Earlier I stripped my bed, because ew, sick person funk, but then I was too tirerd to put new sheets on, so I've been sleeping on the mattress all day. Witness my pathetic.

Biggest accomplishment of the day was taking a shower, followed by 20 minutes of sitting on the edge of the tub working up the energy to walk back to bed.

Must go apply for jobs now. Virginia Unemployment waits for no woman, even if she is dying of 48-hour Noro.
You know what's awesome? Checking for possible interactions between your daily medication and the antibiotics and steroids you've just been prescribed, and seeing it come back with GIANT RED FLAGS that scream RISK OF SEIZURE! at you. That rocks. It's not unsettling at all.

However, I called the pharmacist, and she says as long as I don't take them at the same time, I should be okay. She hasn't seen it happen in 15 years as a pharmacist. Hooray? Now I can take my -21 DAYS- of antibiotics and steroids. Prepare for unholy rage!

For the curious, yes, I ALWAYS check for drug interactions. I have such a weird ass reaction to drugs that I like to know what I'm getting into beforehand. This ---> http://www.aidsmeds.com/cmm/index.php?action=AfterSearch is a great site to keep track of things.
And this morning, I have another ear infection.

I knew I shouldn't put those peas in there.

Do they do tubes for adults?


May. 1st, 2008 09:35 pm
Bronchitis, passing on the edge of another bout of pneumonia. Steroids (really, REALLY a lot of steroids...*blink*), antibiotics, Mucinex D, pain reliever, and rest. Except I have to go to work tomorrow.

And I won't even MENTION that Saturday is MD Sheep and Wool. No I will not. Because then I will cry like a little bitch, as I most certainly did not do when the doctor told me I might need to see a respiratory therapist which would make you ALL SAD.

Wool is my fandom, baby.

On the other hand, sometimes My Chemical Romance is also my fandom. Or at least the version off them created by [livejournal.com profile] bexless to make me giggle and laugh and snort when I cannot even breathe, and then cough until my lungs fall out. WHICH IS OKAY BECAUSE I WAS NOT, APPARENTLY, USING THEM ANYWAY. (DIMINISHED LUNG CAPACITY FTW!)

Anyway. Wasn't I going on about MCR? I think I was.

Here. Enjoy. I will be over here wishing my parents hadn't smoked around me for 20 years. Thanks, guys.
Dear Massive Head Cold,



Wishing You A Crushing Death-By-Nyquil,

Me: *tralalalala* Concert is wonderful, life is good, job is driving me nuts, but I think I can renew my zest for it. *tralalala!*
Me: I...um...think I'm getting sick?
Universe: Did you miss that? Let me expand on my feelings! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Me: Wow, it's been a week and I'm still pretty sick. But it's okay. I'm gonna be home soon.


do not want.
Dearest Guillaume,

As I have eaten nothing this morning but a banana, a handful of pretzels, and a mug of green tea, you have NO reason to be acting this way. I resent your attempts to manipulate me into vomiting, and I find your behaviour of late deplorable. The least you could do is behave yourself until we are no longer forced to share living space.

You sir, are fired.

No Love,

(Gall, Gaul, French...yeah...)
Have I ever mentioned how much I love my primary care physician?  The whole office is amazing. 

And on that note, let us mourn the passing of my gall bladder, because that sucker is coming out.  Dr. F says the likely cause of my woes is that one of the gall stones has moved and is blocking the main bile duct.  The gall bladder is HARD.  Ew.  When I told him about my experiences with the gut doctor (I had a HIDA scan two weeks ago.  She JUST called with results yesterday, and the message she left was "Your scan was normal.  If you have any questions, give me a call.") he said he was just going to bypass her, refer me to a surgeon, and have done with it.  He told me there weren't a lot of options with my insurance, but he'd call a friend and ask her to take me.  He actually got upset for me, saying that the level of care someone receives should NEVER depend on what insurance they have. 


So.  Antibiotics if the fever returns, call the surgeon, and within the next few weeks I should be minus a gall bladder. 
About 103.5, at my worst. 

ETA- My temp is about 101 right now. 103 was last night at the worst. But I am calling my doctor to see what they recommend.
(cut for medical TMI) )
Officially have food poisoning.  It's not stomach flu because I have no fever, and never have.  (Not even at night, which is when I normally seem to run the worst fevers.)  Doctor says that basically, I need to keep drinking clear liquids, try keeping down some of that yoghurt that is supposed to help the bacteria in your stomach, and wait it out.  She also took the name of the last place I ate (since I specifically mentioned a restaurant), and will be reporting it to the health department.

I'm home sick today.  Halloween plans fell mostly by the wayside, but I did light a few candles and pass out candy.  Got some spinning done, and helped [livejournal.com profile] marigot welcome in NaNoWriMo!  She's going to make it, I'm sure.  (Also, I feel a little bit sorry for those of you who don't get to read her story, because man, it's awesome.) 

So yeah.  Still no temp at work, but I was actually told "no, you're sick.  It's not that big a deal."  So.  Here I am, chilling on the couch and watching old Daily Show's on TiVo. 

In other news, I now have some lovely Xanax, which I'm supposed to use until the Cymbalta I'm now taking can kick in fully in a couple weeks.  Rockin.
Dear Hayfever,

FUCK OFF. I have had it with the intermittently scratchy throat, the dry eyeballs of doom, the ICHTY, WEEPY eyes of doom, the stuffed nose, the cough, the drainage, the not sleeping, the sleeping too much, the headache, the just general Not Right feeling...enough. I've had it.

No Love,

I have also discovered that I now have a massive and unpleasant reaction to my beloved Sudafed non-drying. Took it the day after my birthday, and just completely fell to pieces- I pretty much spent the day either crying or cringing and wanting to avoid all contact with humans. Y'know, when I wasn't having a panic attack.


Today, I'm going to buy site hosting for my domains. I am. And I'm going to set up a fiber weblog on cobwebfiberstudio.com, and look around for shopping cart programs.


(And I'm using Tony {oh baby, let me use you...} because I luff this icon. And because I can.)

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