Google Wave looks freaking awesome. I have been dying for some more robust collaboration programs, and this makes me squee like a tiny child.


The Color Red. [ profile] laughingrat posted this a few days ago, and I just had time to read it today. It talks about how overcoming poverty must include overcoming mental poverty as well, and the work of Heifer International in a village in Nepal. I was really struck by how much of a difference HI was able to make for the women mentioned in the article, not just in the way they were able to start providing for themselves, but in the way they treated each other, in the community they built in spite of the social stigmas pressing on the different members of the group.

I've made a firm deal with myself- I am going to put aside $5 a week for HI, and donate it at the end of the year. What they do creates such a positive change, and I love that their push is for the people they help to turn around and help others in the same way.


The world (and possibly Lori), needed this t-shirt. This one is even better. And this one is nice and subtle.


I am on a bumper sticker buying spree, mainly because I know Stanley will die a little inside when he sees them on my new car. Heheheheh.


Apr. 15th, 2009 10:19 pm
Dear Interwebs,

Your inadequate attention to the pressing matter of my lack of comics has caused me to eschew them altogether and purchase a Fruity Oaty Bar lunchbox instead.


Tragically Yours,


Yet more.

Feb. 12th, 2009 03:18 pm
How about this coat?

And then I started looking at boots, and when I quit drooling, I realized I should just renew my damn library books and be grateful for the free soda fountain.

But it doesn't mean that I'd turn down a nice velvet frock coat, of someone happened to toss one my way...


Feb. 12th, 2009 08:37 am
I am having a fit of random consumerism. I am not buying anything, but I WANT.

Picture heavy )


Jul. 10th, 2007 03:36 pm
I managed to get some of the books I wanted from the Interweave "Hurt Book" sale. Basically, brand new with some minor scuffs or nicks, a folded page, or a shop mark. All of them were at least 50% off.

I got:

Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving
Hands on Spinning
Colorworks - Deb Menz
A History of Hand Knitting

Yaaay! Nothing like getting four really cool books for a little less than you would have paid for two!
Oh dear.

I went on a bit of a retail therapy jag today, and bought some amazing yarn from Laughing Rat Studio. Yesterday was the ephemera CDs from Lunagirl. I'm on an etsy kick, supporting other artists with the money I've made from my fiber.

There was also some superwash merino/tencel blend roving from Abby, and the Sargasso silk that I just couldn't resist. Abby dyes -crack-. Soon her fiber will have to come with a small spoon and a tourniquet. (Perhaps comparing something I dearly love drooling over to heroine isn't the most flattering thing I could do...but I shall ponder this another day.)
It rocks.

Laughing Rat Studio
Franquenmont Fibers
So earlier today I stopped to visit a woman who had been advertising a warping board for $50.  Awesome price, right? 

I walked away with both of these:

Brand new, in the box, never been used.  Even shopping around, new, this is over $275 worth of equipment, and I got it for $100. 

Now, of course, I can't actually play with it until December, but nevermind that.  It's here, sparking little project ideas in my head whenever I look at it.  And now, back to NaNo!
Saturday in Williamsburg was fun. Found a couple of gifts, including a print from a local artist for my Gram when she moves into her new apartment next month. And shoes! New shoes! New boots! I love them. They are so comfy and a pretty, warm brandy sort of colour. The pair of Clarks I got I think I'm going to have to return and exchange for a wider pair. They fit okay when I tried them on at first, but when I put them on yesterday my feet had apparently returned to their normal swelled up size, and they were a bit pinchy. For $50, they're going to fit right.

Yesterday was the Knit-Out, and it was fun! The fashion show was cute, and some of the stuff was very, very pretty. The vendor tent was kind of neat, and I even refrained from making any comments about some of the Paton's yarn that reminded me of snarled cat vomit. (To be fair, there was also some that was quite pretty.) Sadly, pretty much all the yarn tables were very muc of the squeaky acrylic variety. I don't mind acrylic, but squeaky, or the kind that makes my fingers feel dry and rub against each other funny, is right out.

The very, very best part of the whole event, and probably the whole weekend, was that [ profile] marigot was suckered lured in by the siren song of yarn, and took the free learn to knit kit and instructional session! It turned out that the woman teaching her was someone I knew from the yarn store near my house, and she was extremely adept at helping the previously reluctant pre-knitter in my life (everyone is a pre-knitter until proven otherwise) to learn the basic knit stitch. What was funny was that she was teaching her an entirely different way to do it that I'd ever tried, so I learned something new too! (European vs. Continental) It turned out that her way of doing it combined in a weird mishmash with my way of doing it is faster for me than either of them, so now I'm knitting in an entirely different manner than I have for the past year. The stitches just fly!

Anyway, back to my booboo. She did two or three rows on the yarn and needles they gave her, and then got to take the needles home. I honestly figured that she'd decide not to continue, but no, off we went to AC Moore for SEX, where she bought some Lion Suede, a big ball of Jiffy in a -beautiful- colourway, and when she wasn't look, where I bought a hank of alpaca in the most amazing deep turquoise and cream for her. She's working up a scarf in the Jiffy right now, because she has this silly idea that you can RUIN yarn, and she worked on a couple inches of it last night.

That's right. My baby's got STASH. I am so excited that there will be another knitter around! (And yes...this excitement even extends to sharing my yarn. That's love, man.

So. New shoes, new yarn, new was a great weekend!

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