Who sold two more stories today?

Awwwww yeah. That's right.
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Item 1- I LOVE the new Panic at the Disco album. Love it. I can't believe it. I didn't HATE their last album, but hell, I'll be honest, I found it a bit juvenile and uninspiring, lyrically and musically. Pretty Odd, by comparison, blows me away. I cannot stop listening to "Folkin' Around". Seriously- If love is not enough to put my enemies to sleep, then I'm putting out the lantern, find your own way back home How can you not love that? How can you not love a fucking two-minute BLUEGRASS FOLK SONG in the middle of a rock album? Northern Downpour makes me happy that I have the luxury of feeling thoughtful without being depressed.

Item 2- Pete and Ashlee. How could you not be happy for two people who are obviously so happy with each other? So short! So in love! So amusing! Does anyone really give a shit if she is pregnant? Couldn't they just be getting married because they, you know, LOVE EACH OTHER? Wacky, I know.

Item 3- My sister, MY SISTER, my country-music-listening, hardcore-growl-rock-loving sister, is the second person to ask me about "that chick who sings for My Chemical Romance". I referred her to [livejournal.com profile] kissingchaos9, a font of wisdom. "Please. He's over 30. Gerard is a lady." (I believe I have quoted this before. I don't care, it's still funny.)

Harry Potter:

HP fandom, much like my family, seems much saner if I stand far, far away. I hear there is some good stuff going on in there. Also, all your authors seem to be like, publishing books and stuff. Go you.


Yeah. Um. Any of you want a Valium? Some nice Merlot? In the immortal words of Lloyd Dobler, YOU MUST CHILL. YOU MUST.

Good luck with that whole Big Bang thing, see you soon. Love and kisses, and all that.


Oh, SPN, new home of million-part WIP epics with no plot. Where is my new canon, bitches?
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Possible spoilers )

Teyla still rocks. Teyla did more for me with one eyeroll than RSB did in the entire episode. We <3 Teyla.
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Oh SGA. You make me so...ambivalent.

I don't like it when my tv shows make me go <i>meh</i>. )
Post the first paragraph of any of your works in progress.

From the Gothic- )
From Earth and Water- )
From Triskelle- )
And finally, from the SGA Mechanic AU With No Title- )

That's all I'm actively working on at the moment, though there are a few smaller pieces here and there that I'm editing and poking at as I get the itch. 
Would anyone be willing to beta a nearly complete SGA fic and tell me where I went wrong?

Bah. And I forgot to pay my account. Stupid, stupid me.
The First Pressing by Lacey McBain
SGA, NC-17, sometime second seasonish, no real spoilers.

A fic about life amidst the ashes, or maybe life because of the ashes.

Heartily, heartily recommended.
So on the off chance that I finally finish this damn SGA fic some time soon, would anyone care to beta for me?



Wow, I can't wait to read about Rod and Johnny, too. 

Oh gods help me. 

I swear, I was only watching SGA to gain context for the fic. 


I like it. 

A lot. 

And I sooooo need to be getting to bed. 
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The One Where John and Rodney Aren't Gay (Really) by Davechicken

I enjoyed this for the snickers it caused and the sex scene, which was somehow more interesting to me than anything more intense would have been.

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