Patrick Stump's voice is filling my ears again, and I am so, so happy!
This is a random mix of stuff I listened to when I was a teenager, and sure I wouldn't make it to 21, and stuff I listen to now that I'm 32, and have the money, time, and sense to indulge in all the ridiculous things I never grew out of. It's for September babies, my birthday gift to you, and anyone else who wants it.

Misdirected Youth

Song list below the cut )
This Week In Obsession:

I have officially hit 150 plays of "Na Na Na". I wonder what the final count will be, before the single is actually released tomorrow?
Okay, there have been a couple of close calls with this, but this is it. Absolutely, without question, THIS is the band I heard in Beadniks in Brattleboro.

And they performed at Maryland Faire last months. *headdesk*

La Ensemble Cercamon

Apparently my iPod is feeling Sapphic this morning.

I'm Under Your Spell - Tara's song from the BtVS Musical
Pink Triangle - Weezer
Get Out the Map - Indigo Girls

ETA: Debbie Don't Do Dicks - Concrete Blonde.

WIN, iPod, WIN.

All in a row. I guess Vaughn Stump is in touch with it's lesbian pride today.

La Bottine Souriante

Ah, an afternoon filled with rubber duckies, writing, and Andrew Bird. Thanks goodness there is only the fox running through the backyard to witness my silly dance.

I suspect the cat is only giving me odd looks because he didn't see "feeding Malcolm more Greenies" in that list.
When I was in Vermont last time, we stopped into a bead store. They were playing some kind of awesome French/Renaissance/rock band. They wrote down the name on a slip of paper for me.

I lost the paper.

It was "something" consort, or Consort "something". I THINK. I don't knooooow. And it's driving me nuts, because I really, really want to find that CD!

Any thoughts, oh wise and wonderful friends?
Hah. Not only do I want her job, but this woman has managed to sum up exactly the fluttery feeling I get when I listen to Fall Out Boy. And you know? I am going to stop qualifying it. I am going to stop making myself feel strange and awkward and self-conscious about it. For whatever reason, these songs, and this band, and those words all make me feel GOOD.

Feeling good is one of my new life goals.
Hmmmm. Green Day on 7/29? I think that might be a yes. I don't know. Anyone wanna go?

All time low isn't bad live. Missed part of Cobra waiting fir $6 cheezbrgr.

Having fun!

Surprise buttsecks! Al (k?)Capone concert?!?!?

Dear Hipster Scum*,

Rufus Wainwright did not write "Hallelujah". Leonard fucking Cohen wrote "Hallelujah". He did not  cover it for the "Watchmen" soundtrack.  

/implied douchebag

Absolutely no love whatsoever,


*- I say hipster scum with love, honest.  I even like Rufus Wainwright, but...ow.

In the next ten minutes, tops, is there anyone who wants to go to a Decemberists concert on June 8th at Merriweather Post Pavilion? I have a presale code and I am buying at least two tickets, but those are taken already. If you want to come, let me know, I will buy the tickets, and we can deal with money later. But seriously, in the next 10 minutes. (AJA. *grin*)
I take it all back. Panic at the Disco and Snoop Dogg doing Gin and Juice. That just redeemed at LEAST 3 years of MTV for me.

Oh dear gods. I catch one episode of FNMTV ever, and it's freaking Metro Station?

Ugh. Cannot deal with Trace Cyrus and his way too serious songs about underage sex!

Well. At least their drummer is hot.

ETA: No, I forgot, I saw another episode. With Katy Perry. And I know someone has a chat log proving that I said I liked her song a little? But I retract that opinion. She has NO VOICE. How do you get a recording contract as a singer with NO VOICE?

Wait. I'm watching MTV. I'm sure I'll have plenty of study material on this subject in a few minutes.
Taken from [livejournal.com profile] flautenpupie_79

1. Put your iTunes on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
(I skipped the mysterious "unknown" and the descriptive "Single 0089HGK")

It's like a Magic 8 Ball, but with music... )
So, I downloaded the leak of the new Fall Out Boy album, and all I can really say without listening to it a million more times is that it rocks, and has made me a very happy girl today.

Of course, I already pre-ordered one of the ridiculous mega packs, with the CD and all the rest of the stuff, and another copy of the CD for someone for Christmas.

Dear Pete- you are getting your money from me. Mowgli will not run out of Pampers. Let's hope those aren't as leaky as your new album.
Is it wrong that my favourite Christmas song is "Oi to the World" by the Vandals?

I think not.
Razia's Shadow: A Musical is pretty much everything I thought it could be. The complete lyrics and art download available on the website are a bonus, but the story and narration are pretty cohesive. I guess when I'm not comparing her to anyone else, I tend to forget how different Greta Salpeter's voice is, but it's really obvious how sultry and polished she is on her tracks. She was a great choice for this kind of narrative music, too. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'd go see her on stage in a musical. (I would go see her on stage anyway. Girl is smokin' hot, and fun in concert.)

There is cheese (It's an emo rock opera, what did you expect?) but overall, I'm really enjoying the album, the story, and that this could even be made at all. When I think emo/pop-punk (an amusing genre all in itself), my first thought is not "MUSICAL!". Unless you're talking about My Chemical Romance, in which case...face it, The Black Parade was TOTALLY a musical. Hmmm. And I loved it beyond all that is holy as well.

Dear Panic and/or Fall Out Boy- plz to be jumping on this bandwagon.

Official Website
Buy it. (feat. free sample tracks.)

I'll probably post a couple of my favourites later.

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