Dear gods, Newsies is LONG. Who has the attention span for a 2 hour musical? Especially one starring at least two people (notably Christian Bale and Bill Pullman) who really can't sing very well?
I -loved- this movie when I was a kid. It was creepy and weird, and fuck, even as a little kid I knew that Bette Davis was one creepy woman.

I got it again from Netflix, because nostalgia is a powerful thing.

It's AWFUL. Mostly the acting of the lead character, but...damn. DAMN. Just TERRIBLE.

It's Lynn Holly Johnson, who I guess was also in the painfully miserable Ice Castles. She doesn't emote at all, she just yells with a terrible, terrible Midwestern accent.

How is Angus not out on DVD? It's one of my favourite movies, though I haven't seen it in years, and the soundtrack was awesome. [ profile] undinesprite, it was based on a Chris Crutcher short story, which I didn't know until I saw the credit just now. It does explain why it's so good, without being overly sicky-sweet.

Wah! I don't even think my VCR WORKS anymore.
I just saw the trailer for Jumper, based on the Steven Gould novel. (Supposedly. *bites tongue*) While it looks like it may well be a halfway decent movie, and while I WAS expecting them to have to change some of the lengthy descriptive bits, it' my book. It's not the book I read over and over again, from age 14 on. Or at least, it isn't looking that way.

I don't know. On the one hand, I'm glad it's being made, because, yay, movie version of one of my all-time favourite books! And on the other, oh gods, HAYDEN CHRISTIANSEN IS PLAYING DAVY.

My brain hurts.

[ profile] libba_bray writes these -gorgeous-, LUSH, seductive Victorian fantasy novels. Her heroine, Gemma, is a likeable, flawed, and truly realistic young woman. I bought the first book, A Great and Terrible Beauty, on a whim, and I dove for the second one the day it came out because I couldn't wait any longer to read the sequel.

Now, per her recent LJ post, they have been optioned for movies. I'll cross my fingers, because while there is a lot they could screw up, I can also see SO much potential in this. The settings are so rich, the action so clearly crafted, that I hope they are able to bring to life the books I loved, rather than someone's screenplay of the books I loved. I'm not even sure if that makes sense.

I can't wait for the third installment of the trilogy, even if it is the last we'll see of Gemma and her friends. And somewhere on my 200? MUST WATCH list will be A Great and Terrible Beauty.



Jul. 7th, 2006 11:48 pm


Wonderful!  Highly recommended, and I'll probably go see it again some time soon.
Yup.  That's my one-word review of Wilby Wonderful.


So sweet.  Very well acted, very soft, understated, charming, funny, touching...I'm pleased that I saw it.  I imagine I'll probably buy it, if only for the scene at the end with Callum Keith Rennie in it.  (I cannot say more without spoilers.  But trust me, my heart -melted-.  I so desperately want to nail that man.  *siiiiiigh*)
Spoilers ahoy, and it's AIC, so read with a grain of salt as always, but...DAMN THIS SOUNDS GOOD!

So there have been NO movies (other than The Brothers Grimm, which I liked but not enough to have paid for it) that I've wanted to see in the past few months.

Now there are two, the same weekend.

Mirrormask will be at the following theatre, opening Sept. 30.


Landmark E Street Cinema
Washington, DC

And of course...SERENITY!!!!! Opening the same day, to a MUCH wider release. We'll be seeing it Friday evening. ( Saturday after I get back from the Fiber Festival.)

Busy weekend, entertainment-wise. Maybe I'll try to pop into DC on Sunday to see Mirrormask. Hmmm...I should probably buy tickets ahead of time.
Hi there.

Yes, I am alive, and no, my arm has not fallen off. I'm thinking good thoughts for the people in the path of the hurricane.

I may be scarce for a few days. I need to get a fic written like WHOA, and the original thingy needs to happen too.

In the meantime, I've gotten about 6 inches up on the Lucy bag, and I'm about 10 rows away from finishing my wrap. Perhaps there will be pictures.

According to the doctor, I may have done something to my trapezoidal (eh?) muscle, leading to the arm/neck pain. I've got an order for a spinal x-ray, and another for physical therapy once they figure out if I've done something worse like slipped a disk in my back. (I doubt that.) In the meantime, there isn't much that can be done for it, especially since the Aleve isn't working.

The weekend included peach picking, peach cobbler (a natural progression, I think), knitting, The Brothers Grimm, and shopping. I got a cashmere cardigan for a song, which makes me very, very happy. I also finished reading Storm Front by Jim Butcher (wasn't bad, wasn't wowed, but I'll pick up the second), and The Mutt: How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself by Rodney Mullen. He has an interesting story, though it jumped around a lot for my tastes. And wow...the things people to do fuck with their kids are just sad sometimes. In the end, he seemed like someone I'd want to know. Not that I'm in danger of making friends with famous skaters who have hot wives, but still...

Tonight it's off to the gym (ouchie!), then peach pancakes and bacon for dinner, followed by a date with a vat of scarlet dye and a pound of silk.

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