...wait.  That doesn't sound right. 

This weekend I:

-Went to an awesome nursery, Great Big Greenhouse in Richmond.
-Bought a sweater in a size smaller than I've been wearing
-Fit into my "skinny jeans"  (Nevermind that they are not skinny at all.)
-Planted more herbs and flowers
-Bought a new (to me) car

It's a 2006 Hyundai Tucson, 22k miles, and it's BLUE and GORGEOUS, and I sit way up high, and when I step on the gas it MOVES, and I LOVE IT.  And I can't believe I'm an SUV owner.  I promise not to start driving like one.  

He needs a name.  There is no small part of me that wants to call it Castiel.  I think I might need help. 

[livejournal.com profile] kathrynt posted a list of things she wished that she loved ironically, but which she said sadly loved completely non-ironically. I like this idea!

  • Fairies
  • Any body product with sparkle or glitter in it.  (Witness my bathroom full of Lush products, and my internal debate the last time I was there.  "The scent isn't doing it for me, but it SPARKLES!")
  • My iPhone.  I am not a Mac person by nature, and I snorted and scoffed and secretly thought all the VRY IMPRTNT PPL with iPhones were big poser dorks...but I fucking love this little thing, it never leaves my side, and I have no idea how I got by without it before.  (And we'll ignore the fact that I have now spent over 34 hours of my life playing Bejewelled.  Since JANUARY.)
  • The OC.  Still.  I could watch Seth and Ryan and their epic bromance for ages and be quite happy. 
  • VH1's "I Love the 70's/80's/90's" series.  Again, I could watch this ALL DAY.  And have. 
  • Doucherock.  I tried to laugh at first, and be all "Oh, you know, it's EPICALLY DORKY", but honestly, I just love the music.  Judge me if you want, but I'm clearly not going to hear you, since I will be bouncing along to the pop punk strains of someone's nervous breakdown. 
  • Hershey's chocolate.  It's NOT good chocolate.  I KNOW it's not good chocolate.  But it's my favourite kind of candy.

So what about you?
5 Random Things I Did In 2008 That I Liked-

-Dyed, spun, and generally enjoyed fiber a lot.
-Wrote more, and got a solid idea of where I want to direct my future writing.
-Read a TON more than 2007, both books and fanfic. I didn't keep track of the books. I DID keep track of the fanfic. There were a grand total of three pieces of fanfic that I read that were either so incredibly bad, or just so embarrassing, that I left them off the list. And guys? I bookmarked Three and a Half Men slash. So, you know, I have no shame, and that should tell you something.
-Learned about the person my sister has become, and really, really liked her.
-Saw Panic at the Disco at DAR Constitution Hall, and Cobra Starship at the 9:30 Club. Both entirely awesome, and totally different shows.

5 Random Things That Sucked About 2008-

-Losing my job the week before Christmas, while discovering that my paycheck had bounced, and I probably wasn't going to get paid for about 5 weeks of work.
-Pneumonia. My Claire is never allowed to get sick again. Also, PNEUMONIA. THREE TIMES. WTF, lungs?
-My horrible, no-good, very bad, soul-destroying, karma-pit of an ex-job. Pool company, I'm lookin' at you!
-Depression. Ever and always.
-Money woes, and high anxiety over them.

I'm so, so glad that it took me way longer to come up with a lost of crap than the good stuff.

5 Things That Rocked My Socks in 2008-

-[livejournal.com profile] marigot. Always.
-Fall Out Boy. You guys have been very good about not mocking my fantastically mockable love for this band. (And apparently all its extended family...)
-Barack Obama and/or being able to vote for someone I honestly wanted to WIN, not just against the person I didn't.
-My friends and family, who have loved me and supported me, and put up with me being a terrible correspondent, and my seeming inability to answer a comment within the same decade it was made.

And finally...

5 Things I Will Do in 2009
-Turn 30. Ha. Like I can avoid this one. But I will celebrate in style, somehow!
-This will be The Year Of Using Up. Fiber, yarn, fabric, art supplies, sniffy/soapy stuff, stationary...all of it. I have so much, and it's all wonderful, and frankly, I think this lean time is going to be the start of a whole new way of appreciating the beautiful things I -do- have. I'm looking forward to it. Remind me of this the next time I want to go to Lush. ([livejournal.com profile] marigot, this note does not apply to you. You did not read it. I am in control! You saw nothing!)
-Publish. By 09/19/09, I want to have a contract from a publisher. I really, really want it to be for a novel, but you know, I'm willing to take my life goals in small steps if I have to. (I actually have writing to back this plan up, just in case any of you were wondering if I was going to get a contract just for being cute.)
-See Fall Out Boy in concert. (And masterfully contain my wibbles over Patrick Stump's FACEOMG.)
-Nail more of the goals from my 101 in 1001 list.

So what about you?
- Putting a duvet into a duvet cover? STILL A PAIN IN THE ASS.
- You can, in fact, get your feet tangled in your own yoga pants, fall up the stairs, and pop your big toe out of...well. it was at an angle that I've never seen it in before.
- It DOES worry me that suddenly my laptop is making loud "fan" noises all the time.
- You can also trip over the duvet while you are standing INSIDE the duvet cover, fall to one knee, and bash your OTHER big toe on the frame of your antique (and rather substantial) brass bed.
- Your cat is laughing at you. Just accept it.
- You get a lot less done when you are randomly dislocating and/or smashing body parts every five minutes, updating your LJ, and swearing loudly.
- I really wish I was sleeping at night.
So, the main goals for tomorrow are:

Pack up the Halloween decorations.
Take, edit, and post pictures of the new fiber and yarn.
Clean the bird cage, aquarium, and turtle filters.
Move the rest of my TBR pile downstairs.
Clean the upstairs bathrooms.
Fold laundry and put it away.
POSSIBLY work for a couple hours entering cash receipts and check register items. *siiiiigh*

And wait with barely concealed impatience for more of [livejournal.com profile] marigot's fantabulous NaNo writing!

  • I must get a better chair. This one is KILLING my back. The desk is a little too low, the chair is a hard wooden kitchen chair, and IT DOES NOT ROLL. I require rolliness.

  • Between the steroids and the antibiotics, I am getting up to pee every 15-20 minutes. Ugh. NOT ON.

  • I want to be Greta Salpeter when I grow up. She is smart, talented, and also, HOT LIKE BURNING. Observe:

Hi, apparently I'm doing a Greta picspam? A small one, anyway. )

So yeah. Apparently, it boils down to "She wears awesome wrap dresses, and has a pretty voice, and her hair looks great." There is something very, very attractive about her confidence though.


Mar. 6th, 2008 01:32 pm
It's cheating to include "Finish my 101 in 1001 List" in the 101, isn't it?

It's taking me FOREVER to get this together.


Jan. 13th, 2008 02:12 am
-I am getting sick. Pretty sure.

-Claire isn't going home till Monday at the earliest, based on fever spikes and other complications. She's recovering, but slowly, and we are all impatient for her to be well. I have spent more time in the hospital this week than I ever thought possible, and that little 10x10 room is starting to creep in at the edges.

-I am surely guilty of this myself, but DAMN do I really dislike people with the attitude that their version of fandom is the only valid expression of such. It's just fine with me if other people don't care for fanfic, and there is a large amount of it that -I- don't care for, but it HAS been around a very long time, and in general, is a fairly accepted bit of fannish culture. If you don't like it, DON'T READ IT. See how that doesn't take ANYTHING from your "legitimate" fannish pursuits? Hurrah. Now kindly piss off.

-Did I mention I think I'm getting sick, and I'm exhausted, and I keep having nightmares, and I want my baby to be better NOW, and I have no fucking sense of humour and/or perspective anymore? Eh. Fuck it.

-Hospitals suck. They suck when you are 28, and I can only imagine how much they must suck when you are two and a half, and you have been stuck in one for a full week. Someone, please send something besides thee damn Heffalump movie! We are hoping like hell that it isn't really charging them $10 PER SHOWING when she watches it...if so, Claire's college fund/bail money has been burned through already, and we may have to leave one of her parents behind to wash dishes for a few months after she's released.

-I got nothin'. Well, nothin' except a little man with a hammer inside my head, a snarly temper, and a desire to never, EVER see another Baby Einstein video.

Cheers, y'all.
- I am so, SO, SOOOOOO behind. On everything except shipping my orders and dyeing new stock. My life? Bah. My laundry? I reached the bottom of the "clean" pile at the end of my bed, washed everything again, and then swore that I REALLY WOULD PUT IT AWAY THIS TIME! It's sitting there at the end of my bed. I took my third outfit from it this morning. What may save this chore from the "never gonna happen" list is that I just can't deal with having to paw through my laundry baskets every morning looking for a matching pair of socks.

-Email. I owe email to -everyone-. I owe email, I'm sure, to people I haven't even met. Hell, I may owe email to people who haven't even been BORN yet. You are not being ignored. You just aren't being answered, and I'm sorry, and as soon as I figure out how to cram a week of free time into a single Sunday, I WILL answer all of you.

-You, who ran off somewhere in the middle of the night- I hope you're doing okay. I owe you email too. I know I am on the periphery of things now, but I still think of you often, and wish that I was better about keeping in touch. Be okay, yeah?

-My sock yarn should be in soon! I can't wait! Wheeeeee! Damn. Though that does go right back to Thing #1, where all I seem to do anymore is dye things, work, and sleep. Sometimes skipping the third...

-I still haven't sent [livejournal.com profile] bibliovixen her birthday present. :( <--is a sad, sad procrastinaty-face.

-They just don't understand me. Case in point, when telling various family members about my new venture, I was met with responses like "So, is that like really big yarn? What do you do with it? And what does it have to do with those perky bicycle people?"

-Once upon a time, I used to write fanfic. I remember it well. It was a Tuesday. I miss you, fandom.


Apr. 13th, 2007 06:46 pm
Packages (except for two that I need to finish) mailed!
Taxes filed!
Work week (mostly, but for a few hours tomorrow) survived!
Aquarium dosed with algaecide! 
Blank books located!
Inspiration found!
Caffeine consumed!

And I'm getting an -awesome- refund (almost $500!), which means that I will actually be able to do the kind of investing in fiber for blending that I want.  I am so excited!  (Yes, I know.  About wool.  Seriously, have you been reading me for the past 3 years?)

Later tonight, a post for all the fiber types, and Sunday, my etsy store goes live.  Hurrah!
Managed to create two batts that I am utterly in love with, fiddling around with the drum carder tonight.  Merino/silk/angelina, about a 90/8/2 blend I'd guess.  Part of me wants to spin them, part of me wants to toss them up on etsy, part of me wants to take them back to the carder and add more silk.  There will be pictures in natural light tomorrow, and then, a poll!  You decide!  It's like reality fiber programming! 

Figured out where I buggered up the cable repeats on the neckline of my sweater, ripped back, and reknit.  Everything is hunky dory with Wicked for the moment, and GODS I love this sweater.  I know, I'm still only about 2 inches into it, but the knitting is making me happy, and after this week, that's a good thing. 

Finished my story for [livejournal.com profile] axial_tilt on time, and I'm even relatively pleased with it.  I had some great help, and some really amazing encouragement, and I hope my recipient enjoys it. 

Tomorrow I want to buy a new hair clip (you seriously have no idea what an undertaking that is for someone with hair as long as mine), spin, and card some more.  Other than that, I have nothing terribly exciting on tap for the weekend, though I think I might also make it a goal to finish warping the floor loom this weekend.  Have I posted pictures of my fiber studio the craft room yet?  I should do that, too. 

Oooo.  And maybe if I feel up to it, I can actually bust out my new stovetop and do some dyeing. 

Hear that, Charles DeGallBladder?  None of your damn lip this weekend!
So, come April or so, I will be back to working 6 days a week, most likely the 9:30 to 6 shift.  While I'm not exactly looking forward to it, I'm at least trying to prepare for it by setting up a bunch of projects and craftiness that I can just pick up and work on without loads of prep time. 

To that end, in the next little while before the season starts, I'm planning to do the following:

-Finish warping the floor loom.  For those of you who can even remember back that far, this would be the project I started over a year and a half ago (erm...possibly two years...), a ruanna for my Mom.  It may or may not include some of the first spinning I ever did with a purpose, some lovely dove grey Shetland with blue and purple swirled throughout.  I'm still trying to decide, but chances are that I'll wind up using it.  Knowing so much more about using the yarn I am making, I believe it will be best used sparingly as accents in the pattern.  I don't think the yarn is strong enough to hold up as a large part of the weft. 

-Warp and transfer my design to the rigid heddle loom.  I want to do a tapestry with the desert colours I brought back from Arizona, but it may wind up being a more abstract design.  In any case, I need to crawl Ebay soon for some more suitable weaving yarns to supplement my spinning. 

-Cast on my very first real sweater, Wicked!  I'm getting gauge with the yarn I want to use, Malabrigo in Tortuga.  I bought 6 skeins of it at MD Sheep and Wool last year, and I've been saving it for something fabulous.  This is definitely the right pattern for this yarn. 

-Finish cleaning out my closet and send the stuff off to Goodwill- or apparently, as I have just looked at my donation bag, the Lupus Society.  Cool.  Lupus research often yields up treatments for fibromyalgia as well.  Rockin.  Perhaps I will toss the donation envelope into the bag as well as the clothing. 

-Catch up on some of my Netflix queue!  Damn am I behind. 

-Get a new phone from my evil cellular overlord, Verizon. 

-Figure out what, if anything, I want to do for Beltane.  I kind of want to have a party, but considering what a craptacular host I was last time, perhaps that isn't the best of ideas.  Also, by then I'll be working Saturdays, so it might be hard to pull off.

Yikes, it got late.  Off to bed with me!
Ripping out five rows of knitting wasn't how I intended to spend my morning, but oh well.

I need another bookshelf, but I don't have the space for it.  Well, I do, but I'll have to get rid of one of my others, which, given its age, isn't a huge loss.  I suppose I'll be off to Ikea tomorrow at some point. 

I'm just kind of lounging around my cottage today, chilling out and getting myself back together.  Watching trashy tv (BBC America's home shows are endlessly fascinating), sorting through the stuff I brought back from Paris for everyone, and contemplating hanging up my laundry.  Last night was really fun, and I slept far too late, so I'm just kind of enjoying the chance to slack. 

On the list for today:

Thank yous for the presents I received while I was gone
Sort through my purses and recombine them
Find fabric scraps for more watch bands
Put my dishes away
Measure my tapestry for a hanging rod.
-Dye Day. No, really. My new dyes came in, and I want to get rolling on some of the yarn I've got ideas for.
-Meet with the contractor Saturday morning for the plans. Finally. Geez. And our kitchen design does NOT look like the bridge of the Enterprise!
-Pack a box. Any box.
-Trader Joe's run.
-Start wrapping things and getting boxes that have to be mailed together.
A list of things, in random order and with no value tag associated.

*Last night I dreamed another story. I got out of bed this morning without hitting my snooze button, because I HAD to write it down RIGHT THEN. It's...it's goooood. At least in my little world. I'm calling it "The Sky Is A Poisionous Garden", at least until someone from Concrete Blonde comes and demands their title back.
*Computer is still dead. I found the Dell/Windows recovery disk, and I"ll try that tonight, but...um...I'm afraid.
*I didn't finish my fic last night, because I had no frelling computer. I will finish it this morning, hope someone is willing to take a look at it, and then post and hope it doesn't suck as much as I suspect it does.
*I have lovely almost-coffee from 7-11. Almost, because it's mostly hot chocolate and steamed milk, topped off with coffee and about 15 of those little chocolate and caramel creamer thingies. It's lovely.
*I have the best friends -ever-.
*Gas at the station on the corner went from $2.67 yesterday morning, to $2.78 yesterday afternoon, to $2.98 this morning. You can say what you want about the cost of a barrel of oil going up, but you know what? However you slice it, that's price gouging.
*I've decided to donate a portion of my bonus to hurricane relief. Since I don't know what the bonus will be, I don't know how much I'll de donating, but we'll see.
*I'm procrastinating right now.
*Which is why there's another item on the list.
*I feel so bad about missing my deadline. I may wait till the last minute, but I make deadlines. Stupid computer. It's because I didn't name it, I know.
*I haven't forgotten about mailing the stuff to everyone. I'm getting boxes today (and no, of COURSE I didn't place a Staples order just for the boxes...), and if I get home tonight I'll mail them tomorrow. Otherwise, probably Monday.
*When I was making the not-quite coffee, I decided that I'd add some chocolate mini-marshmallows. Except the shaker wasn't open. So I pressed down on the little plastic flap until it opened. And then I bled all over the marshmallows, because I sliced the crap out of my thumb.
*I think I'll probably finish my wrap today.

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