So yeah.

I got a new job today. It's a good, good job. It's, if I were dreaming of an admin job, pretty much the perfect scenario for it.

I think I'm kind of in shock. Hell, I KNOW I am. This job fell into my lap, it's TEN MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE, and it pays WELL.

I'm pretty damn pleased, I've gotta say. I will miss my work buddy a lot, but we are being firm with ourselves- we WILL keep in touch, and we WILL Do Things Outside Work. Turns out, I see my other work buddy more since she left, so I have high hopes for this working out.

This is the most disjointed entry ever. I just don't know what to DO with all the goodness that has been happening to me lately.
1. Knitting Videos on YouTube

2. Fin de Siecle France.

3. Wendy Knits Waterfall Socks

4. Late night baths in twinkling fairy water, via Lush.

5. Going to look at bikes this weekend!

Thank you.

Dec. 6th, 2008 11:55 pm
Dear Today,

Thank you for the following:

-Erudite political and social discussion with my amazing wife
-An easy drive from Springfield to Richmond
-Fucking amazing coffee, courtesy of my own barista skills and the new espresso machine that can practically deliver a child by itself.
-The internet- enabling me to spend fat stacks of cash on new base yarns, even when I'm not at home!
-MORE awesome coffee, though this time it cost a lot more.
-Someone else paying for my coffee.
-The best Mexican food I've had in about forever- if you're in Richmond/Short Pump, VA (stop laughing, you dirty, dirty bastards!) hit Cantina Guadalajara. SO FUCKING GOOD.
-A wife who is still willing to sit next to me, even after coffee and Mexican food.
-Not to mention peanut butter fudge and Cracker Barrel.
-The waitress in Cracker Barrel, who gave the guys sitting behind us free jelly and a biscuit to take home to their son.
-A certain leaked copy of a certain new album by a certain band that I love. That I will certainly be listening to in the car tomorrow. And I will certainly enjoy, until my freaking awesome pre-order package arrives.
-Knitting. ♥
-Yarn. ♥
-Feeling more and more at peace with the changes I know are coming to me, and actually hopeful about how it will all turn out.

Today is good. Hooray for today!
I was so happy just to be cruising around doing errands today. Got a bunch of cool Halloween stuff at 70% off, and bought the fixings for yummy chicken soup that I'm going to make tomorrow.

Can't wait.

Now, off to bed. G'night, pumpkins.

ETA: And I got the cutest damn pincushion and bookmark in the world! Pics tomorrow. THANK YOU ALEX! Your birthday gift is...erm....regrettably locked in a trunk in my closet at the moment. I'll be getting it in the mail to you soon, I promise.
Several good things happened today. 

-I spent the day with [ profile] threegoldfish, including organic produce, Kok, and a bookstore.  Hurrah!
-I managed to NOT spend my whole day worried about the ex-job.
-And speaking of IS an ex-job.  I didn't cave and go back this morning.
-I found a present for [ profile] marigot's birthday, and received my order for making the rest of it.  Yay! 
-MY AUSTRALIAN FLEECE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's beautiful and -soft-, and already mostly clean but for the tips, and I have about 2.5 pounds of it, pre-washing!
-I cast on for Branching Out.
-I had my tires rotated, and found that nothing is actually wrong with my brakes.  Yay for not dying in a fiery ball of metal wreckage! 

So tomorrow, I go into the new job at 9-ish, work for a few hours with the boss to help him sort out his office, and then I'm off until Wednesday morning.  I'm going to use the time to catch up on my email, wash my fleece, spin [ profile] nstynittinnymph's merino/silk, and write.  I might even do my dishes somewhere in there. 
I'm pretty sick, but I still had a lovely holiday.  My family and friends are incredibly generous, and know me very well.  Thank you, everyone who sent cards, gifts, called and left voicemail with sound effects!), and thought of me and mine today.  I'm incredibly grateful that you're all in my life, and hoping for the best for you all in 2006.  This has been a great year.  A weird year, but I've enjoyed it.  I feel more in control of things, I'm better off financially and mentally, and I've made a lot of steps out of my safe zone, resulting in new friendships, amazing experiences, and great memories.  My only real thought for the year was to explore more- more concretely, to Do Something every month.  I managed it handily, and gave myself a few other surprises along the way.  Thanks to those of you who helped me along the way, and I hope that I was there if you needed me in return. 

We leave for Paris tomorrow around 8, but we'll leave the house at 4.  I'm packed and excited, and will be drinking a toast to you all on New Years Eve while I freeze my ass off on the Champs Elysee. 

Please think good thoughts for my SPEEDY recovery.  If I'm so sick in Paris that I can't taste anything again, I may throw myself in the Seine to end my misery.
The Good:

Burt's Bees Marshmallow Vanishing Cream. OMG, so much love. I tried a little sample a few weeks ago, and fell in love. Found it at the health food store this weekend, and I've used it two mornings in a row. My skin LOVES this stuff. Very light, a lovely scent (natural, not added in just for the sake of being smelly), and my skin feels like silk without being greasy. Huzzah!

Fingerless gloves. Blue and black striped ones, in fact. Enough coverage to keep the paws warm while I'm at my desk, and enough dexterity to type.

TOM! Yes, back by popular demand, [ profile] interminable on his new East coast tour! Check local listings for showtimes near you. (And check with him about what airline he's coming in on so Stanley can pick him up...)

The Bad:

Not getting out of bed until 10 minutes before I'm supposed to leave isn't the best idea I'va had all year, but I was up Too Late again. Ah well.

Staying up Too Late the week before I go on vacation is stupid. It lowers my immune system, and throws my whole body off-kilter. I will need to remedy this.

The Ugly:

Face, less obviously a swirling caldera of disgustingness, but still not happy and not clear. Because I want to go to Paris looking like a teenager. Two thumbs down.

I'm going to blame latent mouse allergies (the only animal at my house at the moment) for my scratchy throat, sniffly nose, and funky throbbing ears. It could TOTALLY be allergies, and thus, I decree that it is, because no WAY would I be cruel enough to myself to get some kind of upper respiratory gunk right before getting on a plane. Because I will NOT BE SICK IN PARIS AGAIN. Are we clear, body? Do we have an understanding? I'll start going to bed at a reasonable hour, and you won't get sick while I'm on vacation and mar my ability to taste things. And breathe. And hear. And not cough every 5 seconds.

Yuletide knitting? What holiday knitting? What? No, nothing to see here people, move along...
I have more money in my savings account than I ever have, plus enough money in my checking account to pay all my bills.

It may not seem like much, but I've -never- had that before. It's a nice, cushy feeling.
I think holding a pound of silk yarn over your arm and knowing that you made it has to be one of the coolest things ever.


Oct. 15th, 2005 05:19 pm
I went out for a drive today, in a car I own, with the windows rolled down and the crisp fall air filling me up.  I listened to music, signing along with a band I've seen play live, drumming my fingers on the wheel and noticing that I'm developing a new set of callouses from spinning and knitting.  I treated myself to the last three nips of my chocolate bar, letting the dark chocolate hinted with cherry and vanilla melt on my tongue and fade slowly down my throat.  The sun warmed my sweater, a black cashmere cardigan that I feel a sinful enjoyment in wearing, and the deep blue silk shirt I had on under it.  The breeze in Alexandria was scented with leaves and it blew my hair into my face.  It smelled like spiced shampoo. 

I bought a skein of yarn, deep, warm autumn reds and oranges, and new birch knitting needles to replace the ones that my well-fed cats decided to devour.  I drove back home, sang a little more, felt the words deep into my toes and realized that I'd have to buy gas soon, but that I could.  There's music in my living room now, and I'm surrounded by books, happy animals, and a bright, well-lit house.  Soon my family will be here too, and we'll decide what to have for dinner.  There is wool under my fingers, and I'm creating something that I have the luxury of giving away. 

I'm rich.
It's small victories, people.

I called my boss twice today, my other (ex?) boss once, called a million vendors and got things straightened out, and still actually wrote something.

And I did it all without freaking out or panicking.

And now, home, to make myself some baked pasta. YUM. I think I might even stop on my way home at get some fresh sausage from Whole Foods.

-my landlord gave me a rose fresh from the garden on my way out the door.
-I got to sing "Ballroom Blitz" in Vienna traffic, much to the amusement of the guy in the Audi driving next to me.
-I have some more ideas for handcrafted holiday gifts.
-I've made all my business calls, and didn't stress over them.
-I received a very nice compliment from one of the people I was calling, who said that I was respectful, dedicated, and professional, and I was one of the main reasons he was happy to move his office here. (He also told me that he used to work in sales, and that if I ever thought I wanted to switch careers, he still has contacts and thinks I would be great at it. HA! *snicker*)
-I -do- have more energy lately, and that makes me happy.

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