One Week by [ profile] janeturenne

I can't say enough about how AMAZING this fic is. It's a beautiful romance without being florid, sexually charged and erotic but with only a few true sex scenes, and an absolutely beautiful character study of two difficult, brilliant, men who understand one another so well that nearly every word they speak is code for their affection. This author has written a truly amazing story that delights and teases, with little gems hidden in every scene. The emotional resonance makes it all the more romantic, without being too angsty or over-the-top.

Weight and Motion by [ profile] sevenfists
Firefly/Supernatural crossover
slash, Dean/Mal


When I first heard the words "Firefly/Supernatural crossover", I was not filled with a great sense of glee.  I just didn't think it could be done that well. 

Hooray for being wrong!  This story rocks!  I wish I had written this story.  I wish there was a whole RAFT of these stories.  I wish it wasn't over now.  I wish it hadn't left me feeling so bad for Dean, and bad for Mal, and bad for them both together, even while I was happy.  It's a terrible twist of emotion.  Zoe is also quite bitchin, as are Kaylee, River, Jayne, and Simon. 

Go and give this author love!
Make Your Own Kind of Music
Yuletide rec

I loved the movie Beautiful Thing years and years ago, when it cost me almost $40 to buy a VHS copy of it.  When I had to stammer out "it's, um, about British schoolboys..." to the video manager who special ordered it for me, and I still blushed over that.  It's a movie I watch over and over again, and each time I love it more. 

This story was such a great follow up to it, flowing from just about where it ended to about 5 years later, and following Ste and Jamie through their time together and apart.  I think the best part of this story was the distinction made between two people who are together and two people who CHOOSE to be together.  Highly, highly enjoyable. 
Five Times Dean Winchester Tries To Leave by [ profile] kellifer_fic

Dean has a sandwich, a juice box and one of his Father’s knives in his tiny suitcase when he leaves.

He gets to the end of the property and that’s where his plans fall down.He isn’t allowed to cross the street by himself. He circles the block a few times, frustration growing. It would’ve been so much easier to leave if he’d just done it at their last house.

Read this for the portraits of Dean as he grows up, and the ways he's always tried to balance the tug of war between his father and Sam.
I -love- good threesome fic.  (Wonder why?  *cough*)  I find it entertaining, tender, and pretty damn hot. 

Here, Resonant posts her list of reasons that it's awesome.  Hooray! 

And here are tow of my favourite threesome stories:

Bed and Board

and the sequel:

"So, boys," Ernie said. "You can tell an old school chum, eh?" Harry caught a resigned glance from Ron: Here it comes. "Which of you is the real father?"

Forsizia leaned out of Eloise's arms, reaching for Ron, who took her and tossed her up in the air again.

"You know, Ernie," Harry said wearily, "that's a really stupid question."

These may, in point of fact, be some of my favourite Harry Potter stories, period.  I love H/D, but these just feel so -right- to me.  And I love the general feeling in the last one, of family, and the exasperation one feels when those around you simply can't accept that how you configure your family is none of their business.  (Ahem.  Again.  I wonder why?)
In Which Eeyore Observes the Passing of the Seasons by Pouncer

This is just so sweet, so wistful, so Eeyore. It's absolutely wonderful. (And NO, it is NOT slash!) Even those of you who don't care for fanfic will probably like this.
The First Pressing by Lacey McBain
SGA, NC-17, sometime second seasonish, no real spoilers.

A fic about life amidst the ashes, or maybe life because of the ashes.

Heartily, heartily recommended.
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FYI- [ profile] mayatawi is not currently writing a Supernatural/Hellblazer crossover.  I have not been enjoying the hell out of it.  I will certainly NOT be waiting eagerly for the next part.  It does NOT rock.  You should definitely not read it.
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Old Soldiers Never Die by Djinn
Big Damn Spoilers for the Big Damn Movie

Zoe goes about her business.
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Some Strange Prophecy by Speranza
Fraser/RayK, amongst others.

Somehow I'd never read this before. It's -awesome-. It's an AU, covering some of the events of the last season of dS, but mostly a road trip/finding your feet/moving on take. Fraser and Ray travel to Atlanta to identify Victoria, and then it just gets WEIRD. But good weird.

Oh yes. I'll be fine." Fraser stared down at his laced fingers. "It's just--" Fraser paused to lick his lips. "Nerves."

"Nerves?" Ray asked, surprised. "I didn't think you had nerves."

Frase didn't look up, but his lips twitched. "Well, you would be wrong, Ray."

"You know," Ray said after a moment, "I think I find that weirdly reassuring. It brings out your human side."

"I like to keep my human side wrapped in plastic for special occasions."

"You're full of crap."

"When did you figure that out?"

"I dunno. Somewhere in Alabama, I think."

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