It's after midnight. After taking the writing day off, I'm officially allowed to say that I'm writing a mystery set in 1890's Paris, featuring Jean and Gabriel from my story in the Sindustry anthology, "Fin de Siecle". No idea how long it's going to be, yet, but I'm giving myself permission to write it until the writing is done, and worry about the rest later. (This one is just me. We'll see how much progress I make, between editing and other projects.)

Also in progress are:

Peripheral People- a thriller about psychic detectives IN SPACE! (This is another book set in the Ylendrian Empire, the same universe as "The Balance of Silence" and the novel we just FINISHEDOMG, "The Slipstream Con".) (S. Reesa Herberth and Michelle Moore, for both.)
Lake Effect- a contemporary m/m paranormal, set in an imaginary town in rural Virginia. (Shea Meier)
Skies Made of 1's and 0's- a steampunk angel fantasy. (Again, just me.)

Michelle is working on a short story called "Enchanted Grounds", which is adorable, and sweet, and makes me wish I owned a magical coffee shop.

It's really no wonder I can never find the gumption to put away my laundry. At least, that's what I'm telling myself!
Torquere Press is having a weekend sale- from now until 11:59 est on Sunday, enter tgif2010 at checkout, and get 15% off your entire order.

You can find our complete set of stories right here.


Jun. 19th, 2010 12:03 am
I'll be at Con.txt this weekend, hanging out at the Dreamspinner and Torquere booths, in between panels on Psych, White Collar, Leverage, and anything else that vaguely hints at the bad guys being the good guys.

If you see me, say hello! My badge says Reesa (and Shea), my hair is ridiculously long, and I have bookmarks to hand out. (I use far fewer exclamation points in person, so there's a bonus.)
Enjoy a little unexpected holiday magic in our new novella, The Wishing Box!


Spencer Eaves is a busy designer who spends more time thinking about his next shoot than his love life, and more time arguing with his assistant, Katy, than he spends looking for Mr. Right. He meets Alex while shopping for the perfect desk for his next magazine spread, and when he can't stop thinking about Alex days later, returns to ask him out. The sparks are instant, and the whole world seems to take on a golden glow until Christmas starts to loom closer, and Alex's cheerful openness is replaced by fear that sends him running.

Spencer isn't willing to give up on them, even when Alex reveals the secret that might keep them apart for good. They have until Christmas to unravel the spell holding power over Alex, but with time running out it may take the magic of a wish, and some help from Santa himself, to make it a Merry Christmas.


I love this story like I love kittens and air. It's one of my favourite things that we've ever written. Unapologetically sweet, with a touch of fantasy and whimsy; I think it's a great way to make yourself smile and take a little breather in all of the holiday ruckus. I hope you enjoy it, too!
Who wants to see the cover of our first novella? I hope it's you!


Cover of The Wishing Box under the cut. )


Sep. 18th, 2009 09:11 am
Sold another sto-ry! Sold another sto-ry! *insert shimmy here*

This one will be part of the Torquere Halloween Sips Blitz, and it's almost a ghost story. Almost...

More details to follow once I have them!
Who sold two more stories today?

Awwwww yeah. That's right.

My book!!!

May. 8th, 2009 11:56 pm

Look what I got in the mail today!

I have been kindly informed that you can purchase the book through CreateSpace, and more of the money comes to meeeeee!

Like Magnets on CreateSpace

Heehee. My Mommy just bought copies of my porn anthology. She wants me to autograph them.

If you were wanting to, you could also buy a copy: Like Magnets, We Attract. Amazon is the only place to buy a paperback version. You can purchase the anthology through CreateSpace, the link above, or Amazon, here. The best place to buy the ebook version is still through the publisher, eXcessica.


Guinea pig noises have resumed!

ETA: Link to CreateSpace.
So. In case you have ever wondered, I can guestimate fairly accurately that the going rate for a higher class prostitute in 1890's Paris was approximately 20-25 francs per engagement. This involved all kinds of weird mathematical contortions, mainly relating the cost of base foods between then and now, adjusting for inflation, finding what seemed to me a decently accurate exchange rate for the time period.

So. Take this knowledge, and should you ever find yourself time travelling and in need of a companion for the evening, make sure you don't overpay. Unless they're really good.

ETA: upon closer inspection and further thought, no. It -can't- have been that much, no matter what the exchange rates look like. Going on new data (court fines, yearly allowances, etc.) I'm going to say more like 5-7 francs.

I have tried to rewrite the ending to this damn story three times, and every time IT ONLY GETS MORE TRITE AND AWFUL.


This moment brought to you by the letters A, U, G, H, and the number !!!!1!1!!1. (Makers of Leave the Writing to the People Who Can Do It, now available in the generic, OMGWTFBBQ.)

(ETA: There. That's all I can do. I give up.)

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