This is an "in theory" meal. In theory, all the fresh ingredients could have come from my garden. Once my tomatoes are ripe, they will. Until then, in theory, this meal came entirely from my garden! The parts you can grow in a garden, anyway. Except the garlic and mushrooms.

There were pictures to go with this! Step by step, even. Unfortunately, I'm about as much of a photographer as I am a correspondent or mime, and they all looked like something from the Gallery of Regrettable Food. It tasted pretty awesome, though, and that's what counts. I did manage to mostly salvage a shot of the finished product.

For pasta sauce: )

For the fried squash: )

(esp. [ profile] laughingrat, who I think might secretly be the author of this site!)

What the Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?

It will charm and educate! It will delight and enrapture! It will tell you what the fuck to make for fucking dinner!

(Stolen blatantly from [ profile] ame_chan. Alton forgive me.)
When everyone was here, we were talking about exchanging a bunch of recipes, and I said I'd create a community. So I did! [ profile] bower_cooks

Come, join, share your favourites, pass the Crack Dip!

So the perfect mocha has been made at home. A double shot of espresso from the machine here, a quarter foam, a quarter steamed milk, and a quarter (about two to three tablespoons) leftover hot chocolate.

I am so incredibly, incredibly lucky when it comes to my friends.

And I am off to get a drink with one in a few minutes, because she's awesome.

Also, unemployment, first day:

Showered. Didn't bother to brush my hair.

Made tortilla soup that can kick your tortilla soup's ass. Wish I had thought to WRITE DOWN THE RECIPE.

Wrapped presents. Am somehow STILL not done wrapping presents. How does that work?

Snuggled with my kitty.

Possibly, maybe, watched the FOB Chicago special for the 3rd 2nd time.

Also, MY YARN IS HERE, MY YARN IS HERE! Tomorrow, I figure out a plan for skeining and dyeing!

How did I ever have time to work?
Wanna hit me with your favourite cake recipes? Not a huge fan of nuts. (I know you are all SHOCKED.)
Please ignore that these are vegan cupcakes, and therefor not real food in my world.

These are the coolest fucking cupcakes I've ever seen, and I now wish to duplicate them!

Lucky for me, there's a tutorial here!
Anthony Bourdain blogs about the fall of Food Network.  Hilarious- particularly his send up of Rachael Ray.  EVOO, anyone?
Things that are good:

Cheap snow peas!

Things that would be better:

Cheap snow peas that don't taste like a shoe store smells...
When we were in Paris, we wandered down the street a couple times to the boucherie. They had a rotisserie out front, full of fat yellow chickens roasting in the heat, and below them a layer of tiny fingerling potatoes broiling in the drippings of the chicken. It was €4 for an entire chicken and a helping of potatoes, and I've honestly never had roasted poultry that tasted that good. And the potatoes...oh good gods. A little crisp on the edges, and tasting almost as much like chicken as the bird itself.

I want to try and recreate this at home, as closely as I can. The only problem I'm having is figuring out what the birds must have been basted or rubbed with before going on the spit. They were a fairly bright yellow, so I'm guessing perhaps some turmeric was involved. I doubt it was saffron, just based on cost alone, and it wasn't mustard. I think I detected a little thyme, but I don't think there was any sage or rosemary.

Does anyone know what the traditional rub down spices for Parisian rotisserie chicken are? I'm not finding much by way of Google, but I'm still looking.

The chicken looked a lot like these:

As so often happens, I've spent an hour or so making myself a lovely, healthy dinner.  Steamed carrots with herbs, and perch lightly marinated in lime juice and jerk seasoning.  It smells awesome.  It looks amazing. 

I ate two carrots and wasn't interested in the rest.

Of course, I now have a plan to run to the grocery store for eggs and baking soda.  Why, you might ask? 

So I can make chocolate cherry bread.  Logically.  I don't even want to eat it, I just want to bake it.  Go figure. 

Also, I really wish I knew which house my paints have wound up at.  I blame [ profile] foxvox (if you haven't had the chance to see her artwork, go check it out.  I'll wait.  See?  Kristen rocks.  And all that knotwork?  She does it BY HAND.) and her recent spate of watercolor paintings.  It's made me want to try my hand with them again, knowing what I know now about colour blending, washes, and brush work. 


Jul. 31st, 2005 12:31 am
But to end the evening on a happier note, I've decided that I don't care that I'm going to be alone for Lammas- I'm going to go all out on the food and eat it up for the rest of the week. 

Current thoughts include some of the following:

panang curry
cilantro-lime rice
the bread pudding experiment
Something with fresh veggies, or at least newly harvest IS a harvest festival, after all! 
potato leek soup
chicken pot pie
lemon rissoto

I honestly can't decide.  I don't care about the mix of cuisines, and I'm looking forward to losing myself in the cooking. 

Cooking is a lot like magic to me- the best of it comes from purposeful thought, an interest in making your world a better place, and a sense of love and joy.  I've never made a decent meal that didn't have some element of magic to it, whether it was blessing the ingredients, including an herb that had a purpose other than just flavouring, or just stirring my pot clockwise while I thought about how much I'd enjoy eating it.  It's tiny moments of purpose in the giant ritual of creating something wonderful.

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