Dear World,

I love you. Like, totally. Love you.

Still concert high,


There was Empires, and their terrifying opening band (I can't tell if they were trying for what they didn't achieve, or if the hints of it I thought I saw were just wishful thinking on my part.), and [ profile] lambourngb and [ profile] strangecobwebs, and laughing and HO SHIT EMPIRES, did I mention?

Seriously, they were intense. I'm a little in love right now, actually.

And then I got my ticket signed, and Sean Van Vleet shook my hand and thanked me for coming, and I drew swirly hearts around his band in my mind, and you guys, seriously, I think I'm a fan for life.

And then Lori played Mumford and Sons for me on the way home, and honestly, WHY DON'T YOU PEOPLE TELL ME THESE THINGS? Dustbowl Dance is going on the playlist for Memory Keeper as soon as I buy the album.

Today makes me twirl.
I'm buying myself a Blink 182/MCR ticket for my birthday. My only real choice is , do I buy for the 9/17 show in Philadelphia, or the 9/18 show in Virginia Beach? Any of you attending either show?

I'm leaning towards the PA show, because it's an hour less in the car.
Hmmmm. Green Day on 7/29? I think that might be a yes. I don't know. Anyone wanna go?

All time low isn't bad live. Missed part of Cobra waiting fir $6 cheezbrgr.

Having fun!

Surprise buttsecks! Al (k?)Capone concert?!?!?

In the next ten minutes, tops, is there anyone who wants to go to a Decemberists concert on June 8th at Merriweather Post Pavilion? I have a presale code and I am buying at least two tickets, but those are taken already. If you want to come, let me know, I will buy the tickets, and we can deal with money later. But seriously, in the next 10 minutes. (AJA. *grin*)
Anyone interested in going? Thus far I am dragging Michelle and Lori, I assume Stanley, but we have a big car, and tickets are only $7.50 if we buy early.

(Note to self- call Linda, she might want to go.)
Dear Cobra Starship,

Please, always rock as hard as you did tonight. You were amazing, and I had a blast. Hello, I -danced-. Like, not just moving back and forth from foot to foot.

You are SO my Guilty Pleasure.



P.S.- When VickyT gets that burlesque show together, count me IN. She is adorable.

Dear Cobra Fans,

OMG, please get a little older, okay? Because you are making me feel ANCIENT.

Isn't It Past Your Bedtime?,

Dear Bartender,

I know you laughed at me when I ordered my rum and coke and requested "heavy on the coke", but honest, I really meant it. Plus, holy fuck, could you peel wallpaper with that shit?

Next time, really, truly, big glass of coke, little bit of rum. Although I'm pretty sure I can give you most of the credit for me dancing, no matter HOW adorkable Gabe was when making "popopop" sounds with a cool Latin beat behind him.

Soberly Yours,
So, I maybe, possibly, have box fucking seating for the Honda Civic date at DAR on 4/30.

Because I? I rule.
Cobra Starship
930 Club
Tuesday 3/4/2008
6:00 pm EST
Washington, DC

So far it looks like me, [ profile] marigot, and her sister Megan. If anyone else is interested, tickets are cheap (Looking to be under $20, possibly even under $20 AFTER the insane online ticket fees), and if you wanted to come in from out of town, you'd have a free place to stay.

Come one, come all!
Last night [ profile] hdstanley, [ profile] interminable, [ profile] lambourngb, [ profile] marigot, and I went to a Great Big Sea concert that we'd almost forgotten we had tickets for. GBS at the Warner Theatre was a sight, let me tell you. They were in top form, and we got two full sets, which was awesome. There really is nothing like a Great Big Sea concert to remind you that life rocks. I think Tom was suitably impressed by the boys live, which makes me happy.

I'd really love to take a trip to Newfoundland. Just maybe not in the winter.
Sun, Nov 12, 06
7:00 pm FOCUS
Church of the Resurrection
2280 North Beauregard Street
Alexandria, VA
703 380 3151

Tanglefoot's website.

Again, carpooling is available.
Feb. 28th
O'Brien's BBQ
387 East Gude Drive
Rockville, Maryland 20850
For Focus info: (301) 275-7459

It's put on by Focus Inn, a local folk music collective, and pretty reasonably priced for the chance to see an artist who doesn't normally tour this area.

Garnet Rogers is a Canadian folk singer who does music with a nautical and mythical bent. Aside from being a talented sort in his own right, he is the brother of the late Stan Rogers, and performed with him for many years. I definitely plan to attend this show, and I'm willing to carpool if you're interested in going too.
There was a tree frog on the side of the building today. He was adorable! I wish I'd had my camera with me- you'd have pictures right now.

Great Big Sea was, as ALWAYS, the most amazing live show. I know most of you have heard them, or at least heard of them, but believe me when I say that you've heard NOTHING until you've been to a live show. They are simply astonishing live, and it's the best way to see them. The energy they create with their performance always has everyone on their feet- which was kind of funny last night, since we were in a symphony hall, surrounded by people dancing in the aisles.

Here at work today, so if anyone wanted to say, keep me entertained in the comments... I wouldn't say no.

Going to cast on a lace scarf today. We'll see how far into I get. I've already frogged it twice because I keep miscounting stitches, I -think- when I cast on. Who knows?

And to finish out the morning, I had a dream last night where everyone gay survived some kind of apocalypse, including Brian Kinney (Oh gods, how I miss Brian...), only to be turned straight for a week. Brian, needless to say, resisted this. Somehow, this meant he got investigated by the FBI. I have no idea why. In fact, given that only gay(ish) people had survived, and the FBI isn't exactly known for its non-discrimination policies, I have no idea how they had enough manpower to investigate anything. I mean, I'm sure Mulder was still around, but...


Welcome to my psyche. Enjoy the slow drip.
Anyone interested in seeing the Gin Blossoms at the State Theatre in Falls Church on April 28th? Doors at 7, show at 9, tickets are $27, which seems a bit steep, but...
Mostly them on stage, some of Lori and the guys.

Bain Mattox at the Red House Tavern, Canton, MD.
Flogging Molly )

First Day of Work )

Bain Mattox )

Tom Comes Back/Tom Leaves )

I think those are the majour things for the moment.  I've gotten to do a little babysitting for Ms. Claire, whom I adore, and that has significantly tweaked my baby strings.  *siiiigh*  She's so beautiful. 

Current fibery projects seem only to increase...please remind me that I may NOT cast on anything else until I finish at least two of these projects! 
-Collinette hood scarf.  Mine.  All MINE!  My winter coat doesn't have a hood, and this is a lovely mix that I can pin to my lapels to cover my head. 
-Stanley's HD wristwarmers. 
-Washing the fabulous Australian merino fleece.  It's all washed now, but I'm less than thrilled with my carding technique.  I may wait until I buy my drum carder. 
-Spinning [ profile] nstynittinnymph peacock silk/merino.

Oh!  That reminds me of what else cool I've done!  I got to meet [ profile] reedrover, who is lovely, and put up with my indecisiveness and flittery brain spasms while I pawed through her wares.  I wound up with some amazingly soft kid mohair, a couple pounds of raw locks in a stunning silvery grey, and some dyed roving that I can't wait to spin up.  It was a cool evening, and I hope we can get together again soon. 

I've read a couple books in the past few weeks:
Half Life by Aaron Krach - Slightly dreamy coming of age novel set near LA.  I really liked it, but it could benefit from not being published by Alysona good editor. 
Violet and Claire by Francesca Lia Block - Much less gauzy than your average FLB book, which wasn't a bad thing by any means.  The only downside to that is that what would normally seem like a fairly strong plot in one of her books was a bit easier to poke holes in without the beauty of her fuzzy prose.  Still, very enjoyable.  Yummy candy.
Fondling Your Muse by John Warner - Only the BEST writing advice book ever.  Seriously. 
Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn - The thing about this book was that it was just such FUN.  I approached it with such a sense of dread.  I was really about ready to give up on the supernatural mystery/horror/romance/urban fantasy thing, because in the past few years most of the stuff that's been published has been heavy on the Laurell K. Hamilton cloning, and I can't fucking stand her.  (Yes, I admit it.  I think her writing sucks.)  This book saved the genre for me.  It wasn't anything spectacular in plot, the characters didn't break new ground for me...but gods, it was just so nice to pick up a book with a female protagonist and a supernatural element and -not- want to throw it across the room at any point while reading it.  Thank you, Ms. Vaughn, and thank you [ profile] undinesprite for sending it to me!

Even though I'm not terribly tired, it's off to bed with me.
Off to see Flogging Molly in a little while...we're skipping the opening acts and just going to see them.  Normally I'd love to hear a bunch of bands I'd never seen before, but tonight I'm all aflutter with anxiety about the new job starting tomorrow, and so I think I'll just let Dave and Co. soothe me a little. 

I'm hoping to hear:
Within a Mile of Home
Devil's Dance Floor
Black Friday Rule
What's Left of the Flag

Anything else is just icing on the cake.

Tom, I don't know if it'll work or not, but I'm going to try a phone post if they play Tobacco Island.  You can pretend you were here.

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