...wait.  That doesn't sound right. 

This weekend I:

-Went to an awesome nursery, Great Big Greenhouse in Richmond.
-Bought a sweater in a size smaller than I've been wearing
-Fit into my "skinny jeans"  (Nevermind that they are not skinny at all.)
-Planted more herbs and flowers
-Bought a new (to me) car

It's a 2006 Hyundai Tucson, 22k miles, and it's BLUE and GORGEOUS, and I sit way up high, and when I step on the gas it MOVES, and I LOVE IT.  And I can't believe I'm an SUV owner.  I promise not to start driving like one.  

He needs a name.  There is no small part of me that wants to call it Castiel.  I think I might need help. 

To complete my Trifecta of Suck, while I was outside crying on the phone to [livejournal.com profile] hdstanley after learning that my insurance doesn't cover ANY of the damages, I sat in bird shit.


That used to be the center console of my poor wee car. And my window. *siiiiiiiiiigh* Someone completely destroyed my car to steal a $150 stereo. The CD player didn't even work.

Please note that this has absolutely nothing to do with yesterday's car fun, where a woman in a Mercedes SUV couldn't be bothered to put her seatbelt on BEFORE she started driving, and rear-ended me. (I am fine. Car...car WAS fine.)

Fuck this week. It's so, SO fired.
I have new eyeballs on the way! They look like this:

(That was for you, Alex. *giggles and runs*)

No, no, they look like this:

Rainbow, wheeeeeeeeee. They're just reading glasses, but I can't wait to look at my computer without massive eyestrain again! I also got a new prescription for driving glasses, and orders to have my eyes dilated soon, since I haven't had it done in like...um...12 years.

I also got new struts on the front of my car! Yaaaaay! Nothing like blowing $500 on something you'll never even see, but hell, at least I had the money, and I can feel a HUGE difference in how my car handles.

Now, back to work, and editing the next story.
Yes fangirls, you see what I did there?

Last weekend, I sent my wee little car in for a lovely oil change. I did right by it- synthetic oil, new (Rain-X!) windshield wipers. I was feeling pleased with myself and my continued excellence in preventative maintenance when I rolled out of the parking lot.

Now, I hit the first bump, and thought, "Good gods, that was bouncy." Then I hit the second, and wondered if I was somehow imagining it, wrote it off to the absolutely terrible condition of Braddock Road, and possibly over inflated tires. Bounce bounce bounce, all the way home. Then all the way up the street to the in-laws house to borrow a spare bowl for the ice cream maker (note to self: return bowl), and even Stanley noticed, so it wasn't just me.

I didn't go anywhere on Monday, and then yesterday when I came in to work, I bounced myself down the onramp to 395 and finally accepted that something was deeply, deeply wrong in the world of my suspension. I was going to leave it till the weekend, but on my way home last night I drove over a random patch of ice and then hit a pothole, and it quite literally (and terrifyingly) bounced me out of my fucking lane.

So back to NTB we went, where it was determined that after 100,000 miles, being cranked up on the lift to have the oil changed was enough to have broken the strut on the front drivers side of the car. Hooray! Today, my damage comes to $500.98.

I hope these gods damned struts can wind yarn, because that was my automatic skeinwinder money.

Stupid (useful, long-lived, brand-new-engine-having) car (that I will be driving for the rest of my life).

Hyundai is honouring the warranty. I will have a new motor and oil pump by the end of the week.


They fuck you, they fuck you, they fuck you.

(AKA: No word on my car from the factory rep until the 11th! Do these people think I just have a SPARE CAR hiding somewhere that I'm using the meantime? Nevermind that I have actually borrowed the Explorer from Michelle and Stanley...)
I knew Hyundai was going to be difficult with this whole thing. I mean, I'm asking them to replace an engine. That's big. But come ON. Why start OFF telling me that you have no intention of honouring the warranty? WTF? (Those weren't the exact words, but it was pretty close.)

I don't want to deal with this. Argh. My head hurts already.
On my way home from Chicken, I thought it odd that my car would suddenly not go above 50 mph. Then 45. Then 40. Then KAPOOOOOFHISSBIGFATNOTHING, and me trying to navigate the car across 2 lanes of rush hour highway traffic with NO ENGINE AND NO POWER BRAKES.

And THEN! Oh THEN! THEN there was the 10 mile tow home, behind [livejournal.com profile] hdstanley and [livejournal.com profile] marigot's brand new, umpteen thousand dollar Mountaineer. If you have never experienced the unparalled TERROR that is being dragged behind something worth more than your yearly salary by a 10 foot long piece of YELLOW SEAT BELT, when you (did I mention?) HAVE NO POWER BRAKES ANYMORE, well, run right out and try it!

And now my car sits in the driveway, unaware of my quiet loathing. I, on the other hand, am unaware of how much it's going to cost me to FIX it.


This week has just fucking SUCKED, okay?

ETA: Hey, you know what happens when there's no OIL in your car?

In my defense, I'm really not THAT stupid. The light started flashing at me a couple days ago and I planned to go get a couple quarts tomorrow.

This would be the grenade that made the camel explode.


Aug. 22nd, 2005 11:11 am
My car insurance went up AGAIN.

My car, when I bought it, was worth $13,000. I paid about $450 every 6 months for insurance.

My car is now worth $3,875, and I pay about $585 every 6 months for car insurance.

In that time, I have not had an accident. I had one ticket, which is off my record.

I have to get new insurance. UGH.

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