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Dear Yuletide Author,

Hi! You're fabulous. I know this about you, even though you're anonymous at the moment.

So in terms of what I like, I'm a sucker for nice, meaty angst. I love hurt/comfort, heavy on the comfort, and particularly if the hurt is something old that the character finally has a safe space to deal with. I will read almost any Pretty Woman or Beauty and the Beast AU, even in fandoms I don't really know. In fact, sex worker AUs with positive outcomes are pretty much my catnip. I'm okay with non-con that's portrayed as such (and with a focus on recovery), but within main relationships, I'm an Enthusiastic Consent kind of girl. My exception is a Character A doing something because they think Character B (or B and C!) wants it, and Character B getting upset when they realize what's happened.

Hard limits are ANYTHING with the Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamic, cheating characters, and non-con between characters in a main relationship.

- Victor Bayne is my fictional gay boyfriend. If you're writing this fandom, I'm assuming you've read the series. Things I adore about Vic, in no particular order: his sarcasm, his complete inability to stay upright, clean (in a mustard-on-his-suite sense, though...), and fully functional throughout the course of any given day. The way he's aware of his faults, but almost totally blind to his lack of self-worth. I love the little moments when you get a peek and how deeply, truly fucked up Victor Bayne is, in ways that have absolutely nothing to do with talking to dead people, and everything to do with his childhood in foster care, time in an institution, and Camp Hell. I'm fascinated by Vic, and the hints we've been given that there are good reasons he doesn't remember most of his past. I'd love to see that explored, either from the relative safety and security of his present, or any other way that worked for you.

- Helloooo historical gay monster hunting magicians and detectives! What I adore about this series, other than the fantastic world-building, is how the creeping dread, magic, and setting come to seem normal so quickly. And Christine Putnam. Because what's not to like about Christine?

- The fact that there isn't SCADS of fic for this movie is one of the great modern tragedies, right up there with it never getting a sequel. Most of the current fic explores Travis/Beck post-movie, which suits me just fine. I think by the end of the movie Beck was kind of sideswiped by how protective he felt towards Travis, but I dug that they obviously still had issues to resolve. Also, I'm kind of a terrible person who loves to wallow in hurt/comfort, so the fact that it CLEARLY wasn't the first time Travis's dad had hit him made for all kinds of hurty speculation. I'd be thrilled with something along those lines.

- I still lean heavily towards the idea that this movie ended with a polyamorous Harry sandwich with Harmony and Perry bread. Barring that, I could easily buy Harry bumbling his pure-hearted way into falling for Perry, or Perry not being quite cynical enough to escape an attraction to someone who hadn't been corrupted by life. Or maybe I just like to think about people played by RDJ getting boned. Whatever.

In conclusion, thank you, Dear Yuletide Writer. I can't wait to see what mischief you manage!

Best Wishes,

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