Dec. 19th, 2012

Hello, LJ. I'm really bad about posting about things I've actually been up to, so here's a collection.

- I usually try to keep this a kind of personal/fandom space, but winning cool awards is pretty awesome and personal to me. So in that spirit, we won some Rainbow Awards for The Slipstream Con. Three, in fact, for Best Bisexual/Transgender Debut Novel, Best Bisexual/Transgender Science Fiction (2nd place), and Best Bisexual/Transgender Novel of 2012 (2nd place). So, you know, that was fucking fabulous.

- I started a weird little hippie project, Cards Against Apathy. Check it out. I'll send you free stuff that you can hand to random people. But not in a creepy way.

- We're going to St. Augustine for the week between Christmas and New Year. Much as I will miss the internet, I will not miss the internet. I'm hoping to get some writing done, and some knitting. We're going to Blue Springs State Park, where I will finally see a baby manatee! It's a winter haven for them, and they already have almost 40 calves counted this year. You can watch their webcam. It's quite relaxing, given that manatees are about as zippy as squishy rocks. Pro Tip: If it looks vaguely torpedo-shaped and lumpy, it's probably a manatee. I will not let Michelle "accidentally" fall in the water with them. I'm mean that way.

- INR counts are right where they should be, and while I'm not enjoying the Coumadin side effects, I'm rather liking not having to worry about my pudding blood. Once I've ridden out the Coumadin for a few more months, the doctor wants to do a full panel of screening tests for clotting disorders. Given that I have no family history of them on either side, and they tend to be genetic, I'm not too worried.

- I'm going to repaint and redecorate my room in January. Taking down 8000 pictures and moving all my furniture should be a blast, but I'm kind of looking forward to it. I will remember to actually take before and after pictures. I will. I just have to clean my room, first.

- In fandom news, Teen Wolf continues to rot my brain, I'm having a Trek renaissance, and I suddenly have a love for Clint/Natasha/Coulson fic.

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