Oct. 23rd, 2012


-We sold another book! Peripheral People found a home. Details will be forthcoming once we have the go-ahead.
-I'm going to Iceland next week to see my best friend, [livejournal.com profile] interminable, and attend Iceland Airwaves.
-I will see glaciers, and icebergs, and Blue Lagoon, and Of Monsters and Men on their home turf.


-I might see a puffin! If I don't see one, I'm going to eat one. Part of one, anyway. (I said this just to make Michelle sad. ;)
-I'm taking a bunch of books donated by authors who attended GayRomLit to the GLBTQ center library in Reykjavik.
-I might even have everything done by the time I leave!


-Over the past 4 days, I've gone from climbing 3 flights of stairs with no problem to panting for breath after half a flight. I've also been having pain in my chest. I would worry about this a LOT, had I not JUST (like, seriously, a week ago!) had an ECG done, where they told me other than a very mild murmur, my heart is a-okay. I think it's a combo of weird sleeping positions, allergies, and asthma. I'm going to the doctor this afternoon, in case they can give me something to take so I can breathe while I'm in Iceland. In conclusion- FU, lungs.
-Adderall feels exactly like Xanax to me. Everything is kind of muted and gentle, and it's awesome. Like all drugs that make me feel good, I am suspicious of it. A family history of addiction will seriously fuck with your ability to acknowledge that sometimes, pills that make things better are SUPPOSED to make you feel good. It's also, as advertised, great for focus. If only I had not focused on Teen Wolf tumblrs!
-Heavy exposure to Teen Wolf has left me with a strong desire to rub Stiles' head. And tell Derek that it's okay, bad people won't lock him in his basement and electrocute him while talking about how they sexually abused him anymore. HOLY FUCK, show.

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